Better For Local Businesses

Better For Businesses

Small businesses are forced to deal with high credit card fees and costs from handling cash. AeroPay is affordable for businesses and eliminates the need for cash.

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Affordable Digital Payment Alternative

Affordable Alternative

Have you ever noticed a fee added to your receipt due to credit card processing?

Businesses are required to put up with costly credit card fees in order to serve their loyal customers. These high-cost fees are harmful and can be detrimental to staying in business.

AeroPay is an affordable alternative to cards that reduces overhead costs and allows businesses to focus on what they do best... serving you :)

The Cost of Cash

Cash-heavy businesses are burdened with many costs and risks: theft, security threats, tax collection fees, transportation costs, increased time spent, and transfer of illness to name a few.

AeroPay eliminates the need for cash as well as the costs and security problems that come with it.

Keep Local Businesses In Business

We're on a mission to change the way people pay. AeroPay is a win-win for customers and businesses alike!

Pay Businesses In-Store

Completely contactless digital payments for in-store purchases. Pay your favorite businesses directly from your phone without handing over cash or cards.

AeroPay In-Store

Easy Online Payments

Use AeroPay to order online and pay faster than ever. Make payments to online stores for delivery purchases, in-store pickup, or online subscriptions.

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