With AeroPay Checkout, e-commerce businesses have the ability to add an AeroPay button to their web store or online ordering page, giving customers a simple one-click method of payment.

Customers select AeroPay as payment method

At checkout, customers can select to pay with AeroPay right from their shopping cart.


Customers sign into their AeroPay account

Customers will be prompted to sign into their AeroPay account using their login credentials.


Customers confirm their order

Customers will be able to confirm their order with a single click.


The payment is complete

Once the payment is complete, customers will be sent a confirmation for their order.


Your bottom line is our top priority.

Our payments cost businesses less than those made by credit card or debit card, meaning businesses will save money on every transaction.


Rewarding experience for customers.

Your customers will earn 1% cash-back on every purchase just for using AeroPay, no questions asked. Rewards are paid out every two weeks!


Simple, seamless and secure.

Every payment with AeroPay is quick, secure, and clears overnight through a seamless bank-to-bank transfer. The average payment is just 10 seconds!

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