Contactless Payments


Contactless In-Store Payments

Accept completely contactless digital payments at point-of-sale using a seamless QR to mobile web solution built for your business.


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Totally Flexible

Catered specifically to your needs regardless of size, space, or volume. Personalized onboarding with a dedicated representative allows you to optimize your experience for you and your customers.

Simple Sign-Up

Your customers can sign up in as little as 30 seconds without giving away any sensitive information. They simply need to create an account and link their bank.

No Hardware Needed

AeroPay is completely web-based so there's no app download or pin code required. No need to crowd your counter with clunky hardware.

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Integrate With Your POS

No need to get rid of your current system. Simply add AeroPay to your point-of-sale and start accepting digital payments immediately.

Premiere Partners

AeroPay is partnered with industry-leading POS providers meaning it's easy to create a fully integrated experience.


Track and reconcile payments from AeroPay using your portal login and integrated POS. Void, refund, and manage any payments to your store.

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In-Store Payments With AeroPay