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Payment Solutions for Any Industry

Designed with merchants in mind, AeroPay is built to improve customer experience, streamline operations, and save you money. We’re working across multiple industries to modernize the payments landscape.

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Cannabis Payments

Compliant Cannabis Payments

Compliant digital payments for state legal cannabis businesses. A reliable payment solution that is easy for your customers and your business.

Eliminate Cash Management

Cash carries high cost and risk for both customers and employees. Eliminate cash management by accepting seamless digital payments.

Completely Compliant

Our solutions are built with best-in-class compliance standards to ensure that every payment you receive is by the books.

Cannabis Payments
Standard Businesses

Digital Payments For Standard Businesses

Built to handle payments for any business -from freelancers and contractors to restaurants and retail to e-commerce sites - both in-person and online with lower rates than cards.

Affordable Alternative

Traditional payment methods are costly, inefficient, and inconvenient. AeroPay is a cost-effective alternative that's better for your business.

Enhanced Experience

Create an embedded, custom solution that enhances user experience and keeps customers coming back.

Standard Payments
Nonprofit Donations

Specially Priced Digital Donations

Accept easy, digital donations priced with your mission in mind. Special pricing for nonprofits, so you can put more money back into the causes you care about.

Accept Donations Anywhere

Whether it's on your website, at an event, or anywhere else your backers might be, our platform can work for you.

Your Mission In Mind

With a flat-rate, no percentage fee, you can focus on putting money back toward your cause.

Nonprofit Donations
B2B Payments

Streamlined B2B Payments

Stop using paper checks, e-Check, wire transfers, and traditional ACH. Collect payments more efficiently with AeroPay.

Easy Invoicing

Make it simple for your for customers to transact. Send invoices via email, PDF, or text message using a unique payment link for your business.

Guaranteed Payments

Rest easy knowing that payments with AeroPay are 100% guaranteed. You will never have to worry about losing money on a transaction.

B2B Payments

Sensible Pricing For A Seamless Experience

AeroPay is an affordable option that will save you time and money with low rates specifically tailored to your operation.

Cannabis Pricing


Affordable digital payments for state legal cannabis businesses.

Standard Merchant


Cost effective alternative that's better for your bsuiness and customers.

Nonprofit Special Pricing


Flat rate, specially priced digital donations with no percentage fee.

Custom Pricing


For large-scale businesses looking for something tailor-made.

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