Mobile App Pay

AeroPay Mobile App Pay allows restaurants and retail businesses to accept contactless mobile payments via the AeroPay app from their customers at the point-of-sale.

Customers request to pay

When customers enter your store, their AeroPay app will automatically connect to your business (right). When they are ready to pay, they will simply tap the "Pay" button in their app.


Select customers from queue

You will select the appropriate customer from the queue for checkout.


Authorize an amount to charge customers

A total amount can then be authorized to be sent to customers.


Customers confirm the amount

The amount charged will be sent to the customer at which point they will be able to add a tip. A final total will then appear and the customer will be prompted to confirm the payment.


The payment is complete

Both the consumer and the merchant app will show that the payment has been completed! Simple as that.


Your bottom line is our top priority.

Our payments cost businesses less than those made by credit card or debit card, meaning businesses will save money on every transaction.


Rewarding experience for customers.

Your customers will earn 1% cash-back on every purchase just for using AeroPay, no questions asked. Rewards are paid out every two weeks!


Simple, seamless and secure.

Every payment with AeroPay is quick, secure, and clears overnight through a seamless bank-to-bank transfer. The average payment is just 10 seconds!

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