Nonprofit Donations

Specially Priced Digital Donations

Accept easy, digital donations priced with your mission in mind. Special pricing for nonprofits, so you can put more money back into the causes you care about.

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Nonprofit Donations

Accept Donations Anywhere

Make it easy for your supporters to donate from anywhere, anytime. Whether it's on your website, at an event, or anywhere else your backers might be, our platform can work for you.

Special Pricing for Your Mission

With a flat-rate, no percentage fee, you can focus on putting money back toward your cause.

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Fast Settlement

Next-day and same-day settlements, meaning you’ll get your money faster.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated training and support team that has your business as a top priority.

Recurring Donations

With the ability to set up a recurring donation, people can support your organization on an ongoing basis with a single click.

Touchless Experience

Take donations using a contactless QR code, or online payment experience.


Average Order Value


Increase in Transaction Size


Decrease in Abandon Carts

Worry-Free Digital Payments

AeroPay guarantees completely secure and compliant donations.

Diligent Security Standards

Using advanced security technology, we assure your donations will be completely secure and compliant.

Guaranteed Payments

Rest easy knowing that payments with AeroPay are 100% guaranteed. You will never have to worry about losing money on a transaction.

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