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Accept Pre-Payments Online

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100% cannabis-compliant digital payments brought to you by two of the industry’s most trusted technology providers, AeroPay and Blackbird.

Cash-free delivery is now a possibility.

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Accept Dispensary Pre-Payments Online with AeroPay and Blackbird

Accept Pre-Payments Online


Higher Sales

Customers using AeroPay spend an average of 25% more than cash customers.


Reduce Cart Abandonment

Dispensaries experience a 30%+ decrease in abandoned carts.


One-Click Checkout

One-click checkout makes AeroPay the fastest way to pay.

No Activation Fees For Blackbird Customers!

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No Activation Fees For I Heart Jane Customers!

Offer Cashless In-Store Payments

Provide a quick checkout experience - no trips to the ATM needed.



Eliminate security issues, avoid cash shortages and easily track payments.



Accept payments directly to your bank without handling cash or cards.

Built-In Compliance

In the cannabis industry, compliance is paramount. AeroPay’s digital payment solutions have built-in compliance and are approved in every state where cannabis can be sold legally.

Industry-Trusted Cannabis Payments



Guaranteed payments on every order
Cannabis Payments


Fastest growing digital payment provider in cannabis
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Decrease in shopping cart abandonment
Cannabis Payments

33 States

Cannabis compliant payments in ever state where cannabis is legal
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No fee customer in-store, order-for-pickup, or delivery orders.

Improve Dispensary Performance

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Higher Sales

AeroPay + Blackbird dispensary customers see sales orders increase by an average of 25% per transaction.

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Happy Customers

No fees and easy checkout make AeroPay + Blackbird the most convenient shopping experience.

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Increased Fulfillment

Customers pay for their order when it's placed, meaning fewer abandoned carts and unfulfilled orders.

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Turn your website into an online dispensary with menus built for a streamlined cannabis shopping and payment experience.

With AeroPay + Blackbird you can:

Offer cash-free delivery
Enhance your online marketplace
Increase average order value
Improve customer retention

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