AeroPay and Safe Harbor

AeroPay and Safe Harbor partner to better serve cannabis businesses

Safe Harbor account holders are pre-qualified for AeroPay.

About AeroPay

AeroPay is the leading digital payments platform for the cannabis industry. With AeroPay, cannabis businesses can offer contactless in-store, online, and B2B payments to customers, suppliers, or business partners.


QR to mobile solution designed for contactless dispensary payments.


Seamless digital payments made for online ordering, eCommerce, and delivery.


Accept and manage bank transfers for business-to-business transactions.

On our product demos we will cover:

Consumer payment experience
Portal to manage payments
Pricing and fees
Onboarding and implementation
Any additional questions you have

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Fast Settlement

Next-day and same-day settlements, meaning you’ll get your money faster.

Cashless Payments

No more large amounts of cash and the security problems that come with it.

Increased Revenues

See average order value go up by 30-40% with customers using AeroPay.

Why does it matter?

Before any new business begins using AeroPay's cannabis payments solutions, Safe Harbor provides support for the due diligence, monitoring, and reporting issues that are the typical barriers to establishing a banking relationship for cannabis businesses.