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We've put the right people in place.

When it comes to moving money, the team is behind every transfer.

Who we are

Aeropay is a financial technology company that helps people move money with bank-to-bank (ACH) transfers.

We enable businesses to accept compliant, cashless and digital payments giving customers the freedom to spend. Leaving cash and cards behind and paying with a personal mobile device promotes safety, convenience and a modern lifestyle.

Enabled with sophisticated and secure technology, with compliance at the core, Aeropay is the better way to move money.

Daniel Muller

"It's not good enough to be another ACH payments provider. You have to be the most modern, flexible and risk-averse payments network on the market."

Daniel Muller, Founder & CEO, Aeropay


Founder & CEO

Daniel Muller

Chief Architect

PJ Caraher

Chief Strategy Officer

Analisa Thompson

Chief Financial Officer

Josh Chapman

Chief Technology Officer

Josh Lockhart

Backed by trusted investors in fintech and technology.

Start the journey.

How our team helps grow your business.

Meet Aeropay

Our team of payment experts show you how to bank-to-bank (ACH) payments to work for your business.


This is a key step in compliance and we confirm documentation is in place to start accepting compliant cashless payments.


We create custom marketing programs designed for user adoption. We get customers signed up and coming back for more.


Aeropay has integrations with leading technology providers.


From staff training to kick-off customer promotions, we’re ready to go.


We will continue to foster customers adoption, retention and repeat use while pioneering advancements in bank-to-bank (ACH) payments solutions.

Protecting people and their payments is our highest priority.

Client Success

Our dedicated Client Success team is now on your team. From onboarding to ongoing increase in your sales and success, we are right there with you.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is a quick-to-respond, 24/7 team is dedicated to helping people solve problems.

Compliance & Security

Our compliance team implements the highest level of anti-fraud protection, real-time risk assessments and maintains an active Soc 2, Type II audit.

Start the journey

The experience you can expect when we become your partner in payments.

Aeropay Journey

Backed by Trusted Investors and Advisors

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