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Giving You the Freedom to Spend

Link to your bank to pay and leave the limits of cash or cards behind.

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How to Pay

1. Create a Profile

We ask just enough info to keep you and your money safe.

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2. Link to Your Bank

Aeropay connects to 12,000 banks.

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3. Pay for your Order

Aeropay will transfer funds from your bank to your destination.

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Sign up quickly and easily

No apps, no downloads, just a secure connection to your bank through your phone, tablet or computer.

Plus, there are no fees for using Aeropay.

We’ve got your back!

Security built-in at every level.
View all of your purchases.
No hidden fees. In fact, no fees at all!
Make secure digital payments with Aeropay

How it works in-store.

Once you’ve created an Aeropay account, simply scan the QR code at the register to link to your bank and pay.

Contactless delivery payments

How it works online.

Ordering for delivery or for pick up? Simply choose Aeropay as your payment method at checkout and link to your bank to pay.

People who love

This is the most convenient thing ever. I use Aeropay all the time.


My girlfriend has Aeropay, she loves you guys.


It’s actually really easy to use because you can use it for online and in store.


You guys make too easy, It’s so painless.

Mission Dispensary

Easy sign up, great process.


Excellent product, thank you for what you do.



What is Aeropay?

Aeropay is an alternative payments company that allows customers to pay participating businesses through a direct bank transfer.

Where can I create an account?

Click here to create an Aeropay account.

Where can I download the app?

Aeropay is so easy, you don't even need an app. Just scan our QR code in-store or create an account online.

I can't connect my bank account.

If you can't find your bank, or if you're having trouble connecting, please fill out the form on this page and a member of our Customer Care team will assist in getting your bank linked.

Can I link a credit/debit card?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Your Aeropay account will link directly to your bank.

More frequently asked questions