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Aeropay has waived all new signup fees through 12/31/2022 and can get new accounts up and running with compliant payments in under 24 hours. Click for more.
No signup fees
Aeropay has waived all new signup fees through 12/31/2022 and can get new accounts up and running with compliant payments in under 24 hours. Click for more.
No signup fees
Aeropay has waived all new signup fees through 12/31/2022 and can get new accounts up and running with compliant payments in under 24 hours. Click for more.

Are Cashless ATM and card issues affecting your dispensary? We can help.

Aeropay is reliable, scalable, and offers fully compliant, contactless payment solutions. And we can have you up and running in 24 hours!

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Custom API integrations

Create a customized payment experience by leveraging our comprehensive library and working directly with our development team.

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Easy-to-implement SDK

Quickly and easily integrate Aeropay into your website. Embed Aeropay's online payment solution using our pre-built SDK.

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What is Aeropay?

Aeropay is an alternative payments company that allows customers to pay participating businesses through a direct bank transfer.

Where can I create an account?

Click here to create an Aeropay account.

Where can I download the app?

Aeropay is so easy, you don't even need an app. Just scan our QR code in-store or create an account online.

I can't connect my bank account.

If you can't find your bank, or if you're having trouble connecting, please fill out the form on this page and a member of our Customer Care team will assist in getting your bank linked.

Can I link a credit/debit card?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Your Aeropay account will link directly to your bank.

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Cannabis Payment Guide

Why do digital payment systems work for cannabis?

Digital, contactless dispensary payment processing allows customers to use their phone to link their bank and pay.

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Aeropay Digital Receipt

Technology Improves Operations

Cannabis payment processors using ACH transfers and digital payment platforms, allow cannabis owners to leverage financial technology (FinTech) to help protect themselves from legal challenges, minimize costs, and increase operating efficiency. Digital cannabis transactions cut processing fees in half.

Aeropay merchant storefront

Preferred Payment Method

Both consumers and retailers prefer digital cannabis payment services, leading to increased market share for these payment platforms within the industry.

Aeropay QR Code in-store payment

Convenient and Compliant

Compliant, convenient and widely adopted, digital payments and cannabis go hand in hand. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, the use of mobile ACH cannabis payments will become even more widespread.

Futureproof Your Operations

A digital payment cannabis solution, like Aeropay, is the future of cannabis payments.

Dynamic payment receipt
Contactless in-store payment
Let them pay!

Boost sales with contactless cannabis payments.

Today's customer would prefer to make a secure, contactless bank transfer from their mobile device. Sign them up once and
customers can pay for a lifetime.

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Cannabis Payment Guide

Cannabis legal status and its impact on cannabis payment solutions

View guide

State Legal Status of Cannabis

Legality depends on the state, and regulations are changing all the time. Aeropay is accepted in almost every recreational and medical state that has legalized cannabis.

Cannabis state legal status

Importance of Cannabis Legal Status

The legal status of cannabis is important to know in order to learn what payment options are available to cannabis dispensaries, growers, B2B, and the entire supply chain.

Aeropay payment dashboard

Easily track and manage payments in a dashboard customized for your business.

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Cannabis Payment Guide

Why credit card payments are not compliant for cannabis

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Card Payments Remain Illegal for Cannabis

As cannabis is federally illegal and classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, major credit card processing companies currently prohibit card payments for cannabis. Dispensaries that accept apple pay are not compliant.

Cannabis payment management

Potential Financial and Criminal Penalties with Cards

Any payment provider that currently offers a dispensary credit card payment solution to cannabis-related businesses is not compliant with federal law nor financial institutions, and may be subject to financial and criminal penalties.

Experts Recommend Avoiding Card Rails Until Federally Legal for Cannabis

Though dispensary credit card processing may sound tempting, cannabis businesses should avoid the credit card network until federal legislation provides clarity and protection around card payment services.

Mobile QR payment scanning

Is your business ready for payments?

Give customers the freedom to spend with contactless, digital bank-to-bank transfers built for your business.

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