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The AeroPay platform enables businesses to accept payments through a simple bank transfer. Take flight with AeroPay and fly over the old way of moving money.

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You’ll save money on every transaction with lower rates than credit or debit cards.

Same day setllements


Next-day and same-day settlements, meaning you’ll get your money faster.

Security features


Built in security features to help ensure peace of mind for you and your business.

AeroPay Payments Platform

Easy To Use APIs For A Fully Custom Experience

Created with your goals in mind for the ultimate user experience. We make it easy for you to use AeroPay out of the box using our partnerships and dedicated dev team.


Solutions designed to work in any environment. Flexible payments built to scale.

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Learn about our detailed documentation and experienced development team.

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Working with AeroPay has been great from the get go. The onboarding process was quick and easy, the customer experience has been fantastic, and our store managers are thrilled to offer a cashless payment option that eliminates the need to handle cash and keeps both customers and employees safe.
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Why Choose AeroPay?

What makes AeroPay the right choice for your business.

Guaranteed Payments

Guaranteed Payments

Payments on the platform are 100% guaranteed and will always deliver.

Contactless Payments

Completely Contactless

Convenient and contactless payment option with your safety in mind.

Dedicated Customer Support

Customer Support

Dedicated training and support team for users and merchants.

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