Meet AeroPay

The alternative payments platform that enables your business to accept smart bank transfers.

Why AeroPay?

The benefits for your business.

Your bottom line is our top priority.

Our payments cost your business less than those made by credit card or debit card, meaning you'll save money on every transaction.


Faster settlement times.

Our platform offers next-day and same-day settlements, meaning you'll get your money faster when your customers pay with AeroPay.


Simple, seamless, and secure.

Our solutions are built
for ease-of-use with best-in-class security features, meaning you'll have peace-of-mind when accepting payments with AeroPay.

The AeroPay Platform

The AeroPay platform is adaptable to work for any business type.
AeroPay Platform

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Don't just take our word for it!
For small businesses every dollar counts, so if you can save a little money by not paying credit card fees and choosing AeroPay, you have to do it. By saving there, it allows you to do other things for your business and employees, like offering additional perks like health insurance.
AeroPay is so easy to set up, my customers have been happy to switch. They love being able to help save us money!
Having a small business is unpredictable, so anything that cuts costs helps. And with the extra money, I can expand the inventory in my store. At first I was just a plant store, but my customers really enjoy all the art & crafts and stationery.
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