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We help people in the US move their money to get in the game.

Aeropay offers modern, fast bank-to-bank payment solutions for today’s most progressive businesses.

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From their accounts.

Boost your online gaming business with modern bank-to-bank transfers. Aeropay is the fastest way for players to fund their accounts and start gaming.

How we do it.

Aeropay’s API-first technology payments platform enables your business to onboard more players and help them start using their account faster. We give players the freedom to spend by allowing them to transfer funds from their bank account to yours.

Move money faster.

Our flexible and robust APIs enable you to accept bank-to-bank deposits of any size faster than traditional banking methods. This ideal experience keeps customers coming back for more.

Get them gaming faster.

Aeropay is web-based, which means there is no app, no downloads, no cards and no cash. Players can fund accounts in minutes and transact securely and quickly.

Aeropay funnels growth and expands the customer base to some of the world’s most innovative online gaming businesses.

Compliant to the core.

From our partners to our product, compliance is our source of truth.

Regulatory approval in every state we work in
Compliant financial partners
Verified license holders
Fully vetted clients
Aeropay pricing

Protecting people and payments is our top priority

Bank-level encryption

Customers log into their bank directly, guaranteeing bank level encryption.

Fraud prevention

Utilizing the highest levels of fraud detection, prevention, and real-time risk assessment.

Data safety

We only ask for the minimal amount of personal data to keep people and payments safe.

Payments customized to maximize.

Embedded API-first payment solutions that allow for one-click checkout.

Custom API integration

Create a customized payment experience by leveraging our comprehensive library and working directly with our development team.

One-click checkout experience
Comprehensive documentation
Custom branding

Easy-to-implement SDK

Quickly and easily integrate Aeropay into your website. Embed Aeropay's online payment solution to your website using our pre-built SDK.

Dedicated integration specialist
Easy to implement
Test environment