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AeroPay and Nosh partner to help restaurants with better payments and delivery options

Small Business
September 9, 2020
Daniel Muller

Alternative digital payments company, AeroPay, has partnered with Nosh, a local and more affordable food delivery service.

The coronavirus pandemic has clearly put stress on restaurants with increased takeout and delivery orders, mandatory closures, and limited seating due to social distancing requirements.

AeroPay and Nosh have teamed up with a simple message -- it's time companies agree to stop cutting into restaurant margins and actually help them succeed.

"When both companies entered into discussions, the partnership was obvious. Nosh and AeroPay share the same values and vision," says Daniel Muller, Founder and CEO of AeroPay.

Unlike other delivery services who charge restaurants 30% of the total delivery order, Nosh cuts fees by at least 50%. Another big difference is their business model. Restaurant owners have the option to become co-owners of Nosh, directly participating in the company's success.

If you walk around Northern Fort Collins, you will likely notice Nosh stickers on almost all restaurant store fronts. The company is experiencing tremendous growth with more than 180 restaurants in Fort Collins and more on the way in Boulder.

Muller adds, "Our stories go hand in hand. AeroPay is tired of small businesses and restaurants getting nickel and dimed by credit card companies. In fact, it is often the smallest businesses that have to endure the largest credit card processing rates at 4.5% or more."

If restaurants are trying to overcome an extremely turbulent year, why not lower delivery and credit card processing fees?

Restaurant owners can accept credit cards and cash in addition to AeroPay. It is a great experience for both the customers and employees. AeroPay is completely contactless and allows customers to complete a transaction in a matter of seconds.

Wondering how a customer pays with AeroPy? They just scan a QR code and complete the payment. For dine-in restaurants QR codes can be placed on each table or as a business card when a check is delivered. For quick serve restaurants the QR code can be displayed at the register.

"As people continue to adapt from the impacts of COVID-19, use of the QR code has become second nature for consumers," Muller said.

AeroPay is a trusted payment provider serving more than 500 restaurants and SMBs since 2017.

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