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Where to Shop for 420: 2024 Guide

April 19, 2024
Olivia Bobrofsky

420 shopping is a science. It’s all about matching your preferences with the perfect shopping experience. And in today’s modern legal industry, there’s more ways to shop and indulge than ever. 

Let’s dive into ways to choose your 420 dispo, plus tips on 420 shopping and our favorite retailers to visit over the holiday.   

How to choose the right dispensary on 420

There are tons of choices on where to buy your weed on 420. But what you may not realize is you can find the perfect spot to fit your desired shopping experience. 

Here are the top questions to ask yourself before picking where to buy: 

How do I want to make the purchase? 

You can place cannabis orders online and pre-pay using Aeropay. You can also order cannabis for delivery in certain states - either online or over the phone. 

If you’re leaning toward shopping inside a physical dispensary, then consider whether you want to get in and out or if you’re looking for a more curated experience involving guidance from a budtender. 

Additionally, you may want to consume your products on-site at a consumption lounge. While there are only a handful of these across the country, they’re a growing trend and stellar way to celebrate this weed holiday. 

What kind of products & deals do I want?

Virtually everything is going to be on sale over 420. In fact, 69% of all 420 transactions included a discount in 2023 according to Flowhub. 

However, different dispensaries will lean more heavily into discounting different brands. This is because they work out deals with their vendors on certain products and leverage those deals to offer lower prices. 

Browse deals online to find the perfect fit. You may be looking for bundles of complementary products like flower, paper, and lighters. Or maybe you just want to keep it simple and grab a pack of edibles. 

Either way, there’s a store out there with an amazing deal for you. 

Where do I normally shop? 

420 is a great opportunity to show some love to your local shop, especially if you already have a loyalty membership. Many retailers offer bonus loyalty points on 420 and many dispensaries tend to remember who came through for their holiday shopping. 

420 shopping tips

When you’re out in the craziness of 420 shopping, it’s easy to get caught up in the madness. Instead of running around like a rookie, here’s how to shop and celebrate like a pro: 

1. Tip your budtenders! These folks are the backbone of the dispensary and work long, hard hours over the 420 weekend. Give them a tip if you’re allowed! 

2. Don’t hold up the line, but don’t sacrifice education. You’ll probably run into a queue during your 420 shopping spree, but you’ll still be able to ask any questions and still get in and out quickly. To do this, make sure you have your questions, ID, and payment method ready BEFORE it’s your turn. 

3. Consume responsibly. Obviously, 420 is about lighting up and celebrating. But there’s nothing worse than “greening out”. Learn from our own mistakes and start low and slow.

4. Support the cannabis industry. Even though it looks glamorous, operating a dispensary business is hard work. There are more regulations and taxes for these retailers than any other industry in the US. Be sure to show up and show out for your cannabis retailer of choice. 

Some of our favorite dispensaries to hit this 420

Find your new favorite cannabis store with this list of 15 must-visit dispensaries for 420: 

Green Dragon

Green Dragon operates 17 premium dispensary locations throughout Colorado since 2009 and now is a licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) with dispensaries across Florida.

Locations: Colorado / Florida

About: Green Dragon’s cannabis is grown in state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, ensuring that it meets the highest standards.

Order online in Colorado, order online in Florida or shop in store.

Zen Leaf Dispensaries 

Zen Leaf opened in 20216 in Las Vegas. Now Zen Leaf operates across 8 states and counting.

Locations: Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey.

About: Zen Leaf’s parent company is Verano. Their philosophy is the pursuit of wellness and catering to each individual to offer thoughtful recommendations. 

Place an order online or shop in a store.

Gold Flora Corporation (The Parent Company)

Gold Flora and The Parent Company Completed a Transformational Merger in July 2023. It has multiple locations and is vertically integrated.

Locations: 20 retail stores in California

About: Gold Flora has become a California powerhouse with cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, distribution, retail and a portfolio of brands.

Shop in store at any of these California locations.


Eaze is a cannabis marketplace and company that provides safe, legal access via on-demand delivery to adults across California and Michigan.

Locations: Eaze delivers weed in these California regions: Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Los Angeles County, Macomb County, Marin County, Napa County, Oakland County, Orange County, Placer County, Sacramento County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, San Francisco County, San Joaquin County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Solano County, Sonoma County, Ventura County, Wayne County, Yolo County

Order delivery here.


Amuse has over 500 products from 50 brands for delivery in California.

Locations: California, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, East Bay, Sacramento.
Order delivery here.

Comm Ave Canna

Comm Ave Canna is a local recreational dispensary with a passion for quality products and customer service. They’re sure to be busy on 420, with brand popups and exclusive deals for the holiday. 

Location: Brookline / Boston MA

About: Comm Ave Canna is your destination for an elevated cannabis experience. This family-owned recreational cannabis dispensary is more than just a store—it’s a legacy. 

Place an order online or reserve an in-store consultation to learn more about their wide variety of products. 

Cal Verde Naturals

Cal Verde is a woman-owned and operated recreational cannabis dispensary that’s committed to providing you a best-in-class retail experience. Take advantage of a full week of 420 deals like Theory 1g Sauce Carts - 2 for $80.

Location: Belmont, MA

About: The Cal Verde team believes cannabis can enhance any lifestyle. Are you a Type-A that needs a little help to find your “off” switch? A creative type seeking heightened inspiration? Or someone who just likes to kick back and relax with some good herb? Cal Verde has all the products and strains to meet your needs.

Check out their online menu or stop in to make a purchase. 

The Source

The Source provides a safe, clean, comfortable, respectful and compassionate environment, where their patients and customers can easily and affordably obtain a host of cannabis products and services. 

Locations: Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, North Las Vegas, and Pahrump

About: The Source is your source for cannabis products across Nevada. They offer a variety of ordering options, including: 

Karma Club

Karma Club is an independently-owned social equity recreational dispensary dedicated to celebrating cannabis and community. They have a long list of items that are discounted for 420. 

Location: Chicago, IL

About: Karma Club serves as an inclusive hub for wellness in their community by providing informed and friendly service, curating a menu full of high-quality products, and building lasting relationships with businesses they trust.

Order online or shop in store. 


ANJA is a team of pioneers redefining the modern cannabis 
user through educating our audience in ways the cannabis plant can heal and provide wellness for individuals and 
the community.

They’re also the hosts of ANJA Fest, which includes a week full of fun and entertainment for 420. They have a lot planned, but the highlight has to be the ANJA Fest swag bag. They’ll be giving it out for free to all ANJA Fest attendees while supplies last.

Location: Highland Park, NJ

About: The team at ANJA are practical dreamers who would like to help normalize the cannabis plant. 

Stop by their location for ANJA Fest or place an order online

H & W Drug Store

H & W Drug Store currently operates 3 traditional retail pharmacies in the New Orleans Metro area. They continue to provide best-in-class healthcare to their customers while staying true to a long tradition of fast, friendly, and courteous service.

Locations: New Orleans and Marrero, Louisiana

About: Stop in or get your cannabis products delivered from this staple of the Louisiana community. 

Capitol Wellness

Capitol Wellness Solutions proudly plays a vital role in Louisiana's evolving medical marijuana landscape. 

For 420, get 20% off all products April 15th - 20th.

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

About: By providing access to safe and effective treatments, the Capitol Wellness pharmacy aims to improve patients' quality of life while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. 

Order your products online or get them delivered to your door. 

Ivy Hall

Ivy Hall is the first “sensory dispensary” in Illinois. The Ivy Hall mission is to provide their community with a welcoming neighborhood destination that offers education, friendly staff and the very best products from the top brands in the state.

On 420, be the first 150 Early Bird customers to snag doorbuster goodies, deals, Chocolate Bar Golden Ticket prizes, and more! Compete in an afternoon joint rolling competition. Fuel up mid-day with a FREE pizza and spin the wheel + WIN until 8pm!

Locations: Chicago, Crystal Lake, Bolingbrook, Glendale Heights, Montgomery, Peoria, Streamwood, and Waukegan. 

About: At Ivy Hall, it’s not about feeling it, it’s about feeling good. And beyond that, it’s about seeing, smelling, hearing and tasting good, too. This shop is here to enliven all of your senses with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Order online or enjoy a lovely experience shopping in-store. 

Green Rose

Green Rose is a cannabis company with an experienced Veteran, Female, Black and Latino ownership team committed to providing our customers with top line products and an exceptional customer experience. 

For 420, visit their 2nd annual 420 Sesh Fest for an amazing lineup of your favorite Illinois brands, local DJs, delicious food, and insane deals. 

Location: River North and Lincolnwood

About: Green Rose’s promise is to offer an environment that empowers customers with in-depth knowledge and access to a wide variety of products using the most innovative platforms. 

Visit their Sesh Fest or place an order online

Shore House Canna

Rooted in a shared passion for community and a love for cannabis, Shore House Canna was born from the camaraderie of lifelong friends and beach enthusiasts. 

On 420, Shore House Canna will host its first ever 420 Weekend Celebration! The main event will take place on April 20, 2024, from 12:00pm to 4:20pm at Shore House Canna, and the adjacent Exit Zero Filling Station Outdoor Space. This day promises an unforgettable experience by combining a unique setting, engaging activities, and a toast at 4:20 led by the legendary Ricky Williams!

Location: West Cape May, NJ

About: As a veteran-owned and women-owned dispensary, Shore House takes pride in contributing to the historic end of cannabis prohibition in New Jersey.

Check out all their 420 events, stop into their store, shop online, or get your weed delivered. 

From the entire Aeropay team, we hope you have a safe and joyous 420! Enjoy responsibly.

If you’re reading this, tomorrow is 420. That means it’s time to stop, drop, and celebrate—but first you need to get ahold of the right product(s), from the right cannabis retailer(s).


Olivia Bobrofsky

Enterprise Sales & Account Manager
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