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Aeropay for Cannabis

Give Your Customers the Freedom to Spend.

Compliant, digital bank-to-bank payments for wellness & cannabis.

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Compliant cannabis payments for every state you operate in.

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Let's get you paid.

Same and next day payouts
No chargebacks
Risk-managed, guaranteed payments
Get paid for every order

Made for your business.

Get started quickly

Up and running in less than 48 hours. All you need is a business bank account with $250.

No hardware needed

No need for apps or new hardware, Aeropay integrates with your existing systems.

Easier for customers

Paying is as easy as scanning a QR code. No fees, no cash, just easy payments.

All business types

In store, pre-pay, and delivery payments are all covered by Aeropay.

Integrates with your existing stack.

Aeropay partners with these top companies and more.

Partners and Integrations

Payments for every way you do business

Cannabis Dispensary or Wellness Center

Digital payments right at point-of sale. No hardware needed or apps to download. Customers just scan a QR code, link to their bank and pay.


We facilitate delivery payments in every state where cannabis is legal. Integrated with specialized regulatory partners. We are integrated with some of the best online marketplace technologies.

Buy online pick up in-store

Cannabis payments for every way you operate. Void, refund and manage payments. Track customer behavior and history.


Grow online orders with buy online pick up in-store shopping. Increase customer satisfaction. Drive traffic to your dispensary's door.

Features that give you control.

Customized dashboard

Easily track and manage payments in a dashboard customized for your business.


Monitor payments made to your business in real-time.

Process refunds

Filter payments to view, adjust, void or refund transactions.


Gain control and with a full and transparent view of all payments.


Offer monthly subscriptions for recurring revenue.


Add multiple locations, and send out location-specific payment links.

Simple pricing

No fees for your customers, and straightforward pricing for your business.

Grow your business and keep customers coming back for more.

On average, other businesses who have implemented Aeropay experience these benefits:


Increase in Average Spend Per Order


Increase in Completed Online Orders


Increase in Returning Online Customers

A payment method customers love.

Today's customer would prefer to make a secure, touchless bank transfer from their mobile device. Sign them up once and customers can pay for a lifetime.

No Need for Cards or Cash
No fees
No sensitive information required
One time sign up, and customers can pay for a lifetime

This is the most convenient thing ever. I use Aeropay all the time.


My girlfriend has Aeropay, she loves you guys.


It’s actually really easy to use because you can use it for online and in store.


You guys make too easy, It’s so painless.

Mission Dispensary

Easy sign up, great process.


Excellent product, thank you for what you do.


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Eliminate the risk in payments so you can focus on what you do best.

Highest level of fraud prevention
No chargebacks
Compliant to the core
Bank-level encryption

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Availability within 12 hours

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How long does it take to set up Aeropay for my business?

Aeropay can take you through the onboarding and training process in a matter of days.

How do I get customers to use Aeropay?

Aeropay provides an entire marketing kit to help you promote cashless payments online, in-store, and through all of your marketing channels.

Is Aeropay cannabis specific?

Aeropay serves many industries, some including cannabis and gaming.

How is Aeropay compliant?

Aeropay follows state-by-state regulatory compliance and bank-to-bank transfers do not run on the card rails.

Trusted Cannabis Association Members

Members of some of the largest and most reputable cannabis associations in the United States.