Cannabis Payments

Cannabis Payments

Compliant Payments for Cannabis Businesses

Compliant digital payments for state legal cannabis businesses. A reliable payment solution that is easy for your customers and your business.

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Cannabis Payments

Eliminate Cash Management

Cannabis businesses tend to be cash reliant. Cash management comes at a high cost in both dollar value and time spent. It also carries the risk of theft from customers and employees. AeroPay allows you to seamlessly accept payments without handling large amounts of cash and the security problems that come with it.

Honest Pricing

AeroPay is an affordable option that will save you time and money with low rates specifically tailored to your operation.

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Trusted Members

Members of some of the largest and most reputable cannabis associations in the United States.

National Cannabis Industry AssociationMichigan Cannabis Industry AssociationNational Association of Cannabis Businesses
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Fast Settlement & Reconciliation

Dealing with cash or other payment alternatives can leave your money in limbo for as many as 3 to 7 days. With AeroPay, payments will settle in your bank account next day.

Dedicated Customer Support

Enhanced Customer Experience

A better customer experience can separate your business from the competition. With AeroPay, customers no longer need to stop at the ATM and succumb to unnecessary extra fees or handle extra bills. First time users can make a payment in less than 10 seconds.

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Increase Order Values

Businesses that introduce digital payments benefit from higher cart and ticket values. Not to mention, customers aren't limited to the amount of cash they have in their wallet. Gone are the days of losing out on customers and revenue.

Security features

Compliance & Security

In the cannabis industry, we understand that compliance is paramount. Our solutions come with built-in compliance to ensure that every payment you receive is by the books. AeroPay's security features ensure peace of mind for your business and your customers.


Average Order Value


Increase in Transaction Size


Decrease in Abandon Carts


Seconds to Create an Account

Worry-Free Digital Payments

AeroPay guarantees completely compliant payments for the whole supply chain.

Contactless Payments

Completely Contactless

Cannabis businesses need to quickly adapt in order to practice the most convenient and safest shopping experience for your customers. AeroPay provides a convenient and safe alternative to cash at no additional cost to your customer.

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Accurate Tracking and Reporting

Accurately tracking and reporting payments can be an obstacle for cannabis businesses due to cash dependency. With our solutions, you're able to see all the payments you've collected in a single, organized dashboard. No more scrambling to match the cash drawer to a pile of paper receipts.

Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated training and support team that has your business as a top priority. Always available to answer your questions.

Guaranteed Payments

Guaranteed Payments

Rest easy knowing that payments with AeroPay are 100% guaranteed. You will never have to worry about losing money on a transaction.

The In-Store Experience for Your Customers

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