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Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Supply Chain Software

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Flourish is a team of supply chain, distribution, and retail experts that have helped global brands move products and goods on an enormous scale. We’re working tirelessly to build the supply chain of the future for the cannabis industry centered around an open architecture and enterprise mindset.

Benefits of Contactless Payments

Higher Sales

Customers using Aeropay spend an average of 25% more than cash customers.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Dispensaries experience a 30%+ decrease in abandoned carts.

One-Click Checkout

One-click checkout makes Aeropay the fastest way to pay.

Accept Pre-Payments Online

Aeropay helps cannabis businesses accept payments by allowing customers to link one bank account to another and facilitating a transfer of funds through the ACH. They operate with regulatory approval in every state and have helped cannabis businesses accept millions of dollars in payments.

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Industry-trusted cannabis payments


Average transaction size


Fastest growing digital payment provider in cannabis


Increase in completed online orders

Industry-trusted cannabis payments

Higher Sales

Dispensary businesses see sales orders increase by an average of 25% per transaction.

Happy Customers

No fees, no limits on spend, no downloads and easy checkout make this the best customer experience in payments.

Increased Fulfillment

Customers pay for their order when it's placed, meaning fewer abandoned carts and unfulfilled orders.

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Sophisticated Operators have relied on Flourish for years to help run compliant, efficient, and unified Cannabis operations. Aeropay's compliant, customer first approach was a natural fit to develop robust payment integrations enabling onsite and offsite payments for our mutual operators and their customers. How can we help you succeed?

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