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Completely contactless digital payments for in-store purchases. Pay your favorite businesses directly from your phone without handing over cash or cards.

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Scan to Pay QR Code

1. Scan

Use your phone's camera to scan the "Scan to Pay" QR code located near the counter.

Mobile Payment

2. Pay

Approve the payment total on your device and confirm your payment.

Scan, Pay, GO!

3. Done!

Grab your goods and go! You can view your payment history in the Activity tab when you sign in to your AeroPay account.

AeroPay Complete Payment

Earn Rewards

Participating businesses will allow you to earn rewards for your purchases. These rewards will pay out to your bank account every two weeks on AeroPayDay!

Receive discounts, cash back, and more, just by paying with AeroPay. View your rewards history in the Rewards tab of your AeroPay profile.

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Show Some Love And Send A Tip

Many businesses will allow you to add a tip for their staff. Use a set percentage or enter your own amount. Let the workers know you care!

Secure Digital Payments

Link directly to your bank account through your bank's online login and pay with ease each and every time.

Merchants are not able to view your financial details, they’ll just see your payments land safely in their account.

Safety and Security
Better for Businesses

Keep Local Businesses In Business

Small businesses are forced to deal with high-cost credit card processing fees as well as risks and costs associated with using cash.

AeroPay is an affordable alternative that reduces overhead cost and eliminates the need for cash.

Better for Businesses

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