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Sorry things didn’t go perfectly, but Aeropay is here to help.

What went wrong? We’ve got answers to the most common issues below. But if your issue isn’t answered here, our customer care team can help.

Who are we?

Aeropay is the bank transfer partner for PrizePicks. We ensure all payments are completely secure and compliant with laws in all operating states.


My deposit declined, how can I resolve the issue?

Your deposit may have been declined because your linked account has insufficient funds, or there may be pending payments in your account. The Aeropay team will always reprocess your declined payments, so please reach out to to provide more information.

You will receive email and possibly phone call outreach with the steps to resolve your decline, so please ensure you check all inboxes and keep your contact information updated.

My withdrawal declined, how can I receive my funds?

Your withdrawal may have declined because the connection to your bank account was removed or your account was misconfigured. Please contact to resolve the issue.

Declined withdrawals, once resolved, must be re-initiated by you on PrizePicks. If funds have not been returned to your PrizePicks balance, please contact their support team and explain that your withdrawal declined.

My account is suspended, how can I get enabled?

There are several reasons why your account may be suspended. It’s possible you have outstanding declined payments via Aeropay, or we can’t verify ownership of your bank account.

Please reach out to to provide additional information and get your account reactivated.

I can't connect my bank account.

If you can't find your bank, or if you're having trouble connecting, please send an email to and a member of our Customer Care team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is Aeropay secure?

Aeropay has bank-level encryption, fraud prevention, and risk reduction measures built into every layer, ensuring every payment is safe. Learn more about our security here.

Still Need Help?

Please email us at, and we'll be happy to help!

We will get to your email as quickly as we can - please do not send multiple emails, or this can inadvertently reset your place in the queue!