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QR Code Payment Solutions

QR Code Payment Solutions

Accept direct bank payments in-person at your retail environment. Reduce overhead costs and cash-on-hand by allowing customers to pay in store with Aeropay.


Quick and Easy

Use a unique payment link to accept direct bank payments in your retail environment. Customers simply log in and confirm the payment. The funds go directly to your bank account. Utilize a unique QR code, one of our integrations, or send out payment links and start accepting Aeropay in store.


Why Aeropay just works

Speedy setup

Once you onboard, we'll send you your custom QR materials and you can instantly start accepting bank-to-bank payments.

Marketing support

You'll receive marketing and support materials to educate your team and drive customer adoption.

No Hardware Needed

No need to crowd your counter with clunky hardware. Simply put up the QR code stand and you're ready to go.


Options built for your business.

Static QR Code

Utilize a QR code customized with your branding at your checkout counter. Customers simply scan the code, enter the amount of the transaction, and confirm the payment. Your employee will confirm the receipt and complete the order.

Dynamic QR

Turn on Aeropay with one of our integration partners and allow enable dynamic payment QR codes at your point of sale. Allow customers to scan a QR code that automatically pulls through the order amount. The customer will confirm the payment and the POS will close the order.


A complete payments platform

Merchant Dashboard

Easily track and manage payments in a dashboard customized for your business.


Aeropay uses ACH bank transfers to remain compliant, reliable, and secure payments solution ready to help.


Protecting people and payments is our top priority.

Guaranteed Payments

Payments you can rely on.


Seamless integrations to your tech stack.Technology and people work best when they work together.


Payments Widget Custom Branding

Per month

Payments Widget Standard

Per month

Simple pricing

No fees for your customers, and straightforward pricing for your business.
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