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Create active and loyal users with ongoing cash-back rewards based on a percentage of their total purchase or a fixed dollar amount. Reward payouts are sent directly to your users' bank accounts.


Custom Rewards

Use Aeropay to build a custom cash-back rewards program that builds customer loyalty and keeps customers coming back. Fully configurable timeframes, transaction minimums, reward amounts, and more. Customers receive rewards in their bank account every other Thursday of the month on AeropayDay.


Why Aeropay just works

Customer Loyalty

Cash back rewards keep customers coming back. Build brand loyalty and drive repeat customers.

Fully Customizable

Create a custom cash-back rewards program that works for your business.

Easy Setup

You decide the rewards program, and we'll set it up for you. It's just that easy.


Options built for your business.


A complete payments platform

Merchant dashboard

Easily track and manage payments in a dashboard customized for your business.


Aeropay uses ACH bank transfers to remain compliant, reliable, and secure payments solution ready to help.


Protecting people and payments is our top priority.

Guaranteed payments

Payments you can rely on.


Seamless integrations to your tech stack.Technology and people work best when they work together.


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Simple pricing

No fees for your customers, and straightforward pricing for your business.
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Eliminate the risk in payments so you can focus on what you do best.

Highest level of fraud prevention
No chargebacks
Compliant to the core
Bank-level encryption

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