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Put bank-to-bank transfer payments to work for you.

The freedom to spend what you have without the need for cash or cards.

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Remove the cash and cards from your life.

Today, people prefer to pay with secure, bank transfers from their mobile device, tablet or computer.

With Aeropay, you can do this for FREE at many businesses including those that could only accept cash in the past.

Get happier customers
No fees


Simply Scan a QR code to create an account, link to your bank to pay.

It's easy.

Pick up

Pay for your pick up order online and head to the store to pickup your order.

It's convenient.


Pay for your order at checkout and you’ll never have to hand the delivery driver cash again.

It's contactless.

Pay with Aeropay

Buy Online, Pickup In-Store
Cashless Delivery
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Sign up and pay in less than 30 seconds.

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It's simple and secure

Sign up, connect a bank account and make a payment.

Offer Aeropay to Your Customers Today

Give your customers the freedom to spend with digital payments and watch your sales soar.