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Payment-optimized bank connections, built for business

Beautiful UX meets world-class data reliability.

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Up to 12,000 connections available

More than 2,700 direct oAuth connections
Instant Account and Routing Number Verification covers everything else.

We’ve tried them all, so you don’t have to

After integrating various aggregators, we realized what we needed most: simplicity, reliability, and precision.

So, we built our own. It's straightforward, supportive, and accurate — exactly what you're looking for.

Reliable bank

Beautiful UX

You spend time and money optimizing your user signup flow. Ensure your bank connection flow is just as effective at activating your end users. Aerosync was built with hundreds of hours of research from Aeropay and the Financial Data Exchange (FDX) to craft the easiest way to safely and securely link a bank account.

Reliable Data

Aerosync dynamically checks to ensure that a full account number is being returned rather than bad data which may result in costly returns.

Instant Fallback

In a world where things move fast, spending two days to wait for microdeposits to hit your end user's account is too slow. With Aerosync you can do manual bank linking with an account and routing number in seconds. We also name match the user's name with the bank account for extra security.


Ensure that your end users are able to only add accounts that support account-to-account money movement. By only allowing checking accounts, you can ensure that your end users send funds from a supported account type.


ACH returns cost money, which means having an aggregator with built-in safeguards can help reduce your risk exposure. No need to worry about ACH returns from neobanks that allow overdrafts.

Your branding, at the forefront

Enhance your brand's identity by customizing payments with your logo and color scheme.

Boost customer engagement and adoption through targeted marketing of your payment solutions.

Trusted by thousands of innovative businesses

We love Aerosync. Its suite of tools have allowed PrizePicks to greatly increase customer conversions while simultaneously lowering costs on ACH returns and bad data.

Jay Deuskar
Co-founder + CTO

Get started

Bank linking made easy. Get started easily by jumping into our quickstarts.

Initiate the widget

Initiate the widget to verify a bank account.
Aerosync offers multiple SDKs that are supported in-house.

React Native
Native iOS
Native Android

npm install aerosync-react-native-sdk
 * Integrate AeroSync UI AddBank
import BankLink from 'aerosync-react-native-sdk';
export default function AddBank({ navigation }) {
// Aerosync will redirect to this link on mobile app after authentication to resume the workflow
// update below value with the URL scheme of your app
  const deeplink = 'exp://';
  // Aerosync token
  const token = '';

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Check account owner

Is the user signing up on your application who they say they are? Use Aerosync to check the identity of the bank account holder and fight fraud with data.

GET{{userId}}/identityAuthorization: Bearer {{token}}{    "status": "success",    "statusCode": 200,    "identity": {        "accountHolderName": "John Doe",        "address": "An Address",        "email": "",        "phone": "515-123-4567",        "userId": "eda89d7076484cd8a30644b20d465af1"    }}

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Check a balance

It's hard to guarantee account-to-account payments will go through. Find peace of mind that a transaction can be covered by checking a balance before initiating a payment.

GET{{userId}}/identityAuthorization: Bearer {{token}}{    "status": "success",    "statusCode": 200,    "account": {        "availableBalance": 3124.25,        "currentBalance": 3124.25,        "lastRefreshTimeStamp": "2023-01-23 18:07:25.815355",        "currency": "USD",        "userId": "fdd3007a951b436c81e46ffe2483ea3a"    }}

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Retrieve Transaction History

Insights for your payments. Bring more context to your transaction decisioning model to reduce the risk of returns.

GET Bearer {{token}}{    "status": "success",    "statusCode": 200,    "transactions": [        {            "id": "TRN-2fd333a1-89d3-47eb-9e2a-75498dc796c7",            "type": "CREDIT",            "date": "2023-12-31T12:00:00Z",            "amount": 39.76,            "currency": "USD",            "description": "Payroll",            "category": "Income"         } ]}

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Streamline your pay-ins and payouts

Power secure and reliable ACH  payments, payouts, and other types of money movement by instantly verifying bank accounts. No more account number typos that delay payments.

Verify ownership of an account

Confirm bank account ownership before initiating a pay-in or payout to reduce fraud. Verify a name, address, email or phone number directly from the financial institution.

Underwrite risk with actionable data

See trends from your users to create the most up-to-date experiences. Use the Aerosync API to retrieve a list of transactions made from each linked account to gain visibility into their cash flow and determine their ability to repay.

Retrieve a bank balance

Make informed decisions on when to create an ACH transaction. By retrieving a bank account balance, you can check to see if a user has enough funds in their account to cover future money movement activities.

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