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5 Ways Cannabis Delivery Will Grow Your Business

May 20, 2021
Ryan Bush

As more Americans receive access to legal cannabis, businesses are forced to adapt to their growing needs. Increased demand is driving cannabis businesses to expand their operations as more states continue to move towards legalization. This includes introducing delivery as an option for customers.

In a few short years, the industry has made significant advances towards a better customer experience. Convenience is king and cannabis delivery services are key to making products easily accessible to all legal consumers. Some advantages to providing an online delivery marketplace include expanding your customer base, offering customers a digital payment option, and increasing average basket size. 

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of cannabis delivery for your dispensary:

1. Increase Your Market Reach

How do your customers arrive at your dispensary? Chances are they live nearby or heard about your store via word-of-mouth. In-person traffic is a great start, but cannabis delivery is key to expanding your reach. Adding an online delivery marketplace for your dispensary will add exposure to your business, grow your customer base, and give you a competitive advantage.

2. Offer a Digital Payment Option

Making customers stop at an ATM or charging them a fee at the dispensary is a major pain point that can reduce average basket size and deter them from returning to your dispensary. Adding a delivery option is a great opportunity to add integrated payments to allow them to pre-pay online. Many of the largest delivery providers are partnered with compliant, digital payment options to create a seamless payment experience for your customers.

3. Increase Average Order Size

Customers limit their in-store orders because they don’t have enough cash on hand or feel rushed when picking products in person. A delivery provider allows customers to take their time selecting products from your marketplace. Not limited by the cash in their wallet, customers will order more products using a digital payment option. With AeroPay, cannabis businesses increase their delivery orders by an average of 40%. 

4. Boost Order Frequency

Even your most loyal customers aren’t visiting your dispensary daily. Though they may be interested in buying more products, they may not have time to make it into your store. Utilizing a legal delivery service allows your customers to order at their convenience. This convenience increases order frequency and keeps customers coming back.

5. Increase Accessibility

Some of your potential medical patients and recreational consumers may be unable to shop in-person because of health reasons, safety concerns, lack of transportation, or otherwise. Granting your customers and prospects access to delivery services provides them a safe and simple alternative to purchasing in-store. 

While this list barely scratches the surface of the benefits of delivery, it’s apparent that cannabis delivery services are essential to the future growth of your dispensary. Utilizing a delivery provider will allow your business to grow market share, streamline payments, increase average basket sizes, promote repeat business, and increase accessibility.

Although cannabis delivery laws and regulations vary by legal state-market, more and more state legislatures are embracing and legalizing cannabis delivery. Even in California, where regulations make delivery complicated, cannabis delivery companies like Amuse are booming. On the horizon, we’re seeing delivery companies such as Zip Run, entering less mature markets and providing cannabis delivery services to consumers in Massachusetts.

A major piece to making cannabis delivery possible is having a compliant and integrated digital payment provider. AeroPay is the leading integrated digital payment provider for cannabis delivery services and has partnered with several leading cannabis delivery companies to streamline payments. Click here to learn more about how AeroPay optimizes payments for cannabis delivery.


Ryan Bush

UI/UX & Design Manager
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