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A product designed to get you paid.

From next-day pay-outs, to seamless reconciliation, the highest anti-fraud practices and state-by-state compliance, we know what it takes to remove the roadblocks to get you paid.

Integration Partners

Payments customized to maximize your revenue.

Embedded API-first payment solutions that allow for one-click checkout.

Aeropay Payment API Integration Code

Integrate with our APIs

Create a customized payment experience by leveraging our comprehensive library and working directly with our development team.

One-click checkout experience
Comprehensive documentation
Custom branding
Aeropay Payment SDK Integration Code

Easy-to-implement SDK

Quickly and easily integrate Aeropay into your website. Embed Aeropay's online payment solution using our pre-built SDK.

Dedicated integration specialist
Easy to implement
Test environment

Easily track and manage payments in a dashboard customized for your business.


Gain control and with a full and transparent view of all payments.


Monitor payments made to your business in real-time.

Refund payments easily

Filter payments to view, adjust, void or refund transactions.

Capture and settle funds

Capture pre-authorized payments from your customers and adjust payment amounts.


Offer monthly subscriptions for recurring revenue.


Add multiple locations, and send out location-specific payment links.

The Aeropay boost


Increase in Average Spend Per Order


Increase in Completed Online Orders


Increase in Returning Online Customers

Partnership is our favorite part

Bringing choice, freedom and seamless integration to your tech stack.

See our partners
Create your own branded payment experience
Test the experience in our sandbox environment
Work hand-in-hand with our development teams

Aeropay for your business

In-store payments

Accept digital payments at point-of-sale. Customers simply scan a QR code, link to their bank and pay.

Simple QR code payments
No apps to download – it’s web-based
No customer fees
No sensitive information required
Easy refunding and seamless reconciliation
Contactless in-store payment

Sign them up once and
customers can pay for a lifetime.

Optimized for repeat use – keep customers coming back for more.

Online & delivery payments

Accept online pre-payments for delivery, buy online pick up in-store and eCommerce orders. At checkout, customers choose Aeropay to simply link to their bank and pay.

Integrated for a seamless customer experience
Dedicated dashboard for refunding and reconciliation
One-click checkout
Custom delivery and BOPIS solutions
API and SDK options for deeper integrations
Drivers able to verify orders remotely
Integrated with Transportation and Tracking Software

Seeing is believing.

We’re happy to show you our full payments solution and put bank-to-bank transfers to work for your business.

Book a demo with Aeropay
Just 15 minutes
Specific to Your Business
No tech experience needed

Is your business ready for payments?

Give customers the freedom to spend with digital bank-to-bank transfers built for your business.

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