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Bank Connections
Bank Connections

Bank Connections

Allow your customers to seamlessly connect their bank accounts to make payments or deposits and withdrawals from their accounts.


Instant Connection

Use one of Aeropay's bank connection methods to allow your customers to pay or deposit instantly. Users can link their banks in a matter of minutes. Instant bank connections are optimized for the banks in your industry. Users simply enter their online banking credentials to connect instantly.


Why Aeropay just works

Extensive Coverage

Over 8500 bank connections. From the largest financial institutions in America to your local credit union, Aerosync supports coverage for all of your end users.

Proven Security

All communication is TLS encrypted. We never collect any unnecessary information, and will never share or sell customer data.

Instant Connection

Your users only need their online bank credentials to add a bank in seconds rather than days.


Options built for your business.


Have your customer connect instantly by entering their bank login credentials for a quick and seamless experience.


An alternative option for customers to manually enter their routing and account numbers. We securely validate the user's account and get them connected.


A complete payments platform

Merchant dashboard

Easily track and manage payments in a dashboard customized for your business.


Aeropay uses ACH bank transfers to remain compliant, reliable, and secure payments solution ready to help.


Protecting people and payments is our top priority.

Guaranteed payments

Payments you can rely on.


Seamless integrations to your tech stack.Technology and people work best when they work together.


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Simple pricing

No fees for your customers, and straightforward pricing for your business.
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Compliant to the core
Bank-level encryption

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