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Custom Payment Solutions (API)

Custom Payment Solutions (API)

Build a deeply embedded payment experience with Aeropay’s Payment API. Enable one-click checkout and provide a unique and seamless experience for your customers.


Custom Flow

Create a custom payment experience by leveraging our comprehensive library and working directly with our development team. Embed the experience directly into your existing website to create a custom payment flow that works for your business.


Why Aeropay just works

One-click checkout

Allow your customers to link their bank once and pay with one click.

Custom branding

Make a custom solution that puts your brand at the forefront. Aeropay will be there in the background.

Developer support

Utilize our comprehensive documentation and work directly with our developers.


Options built for your business.


A complete payments platform

Merchant Dashboard

Easily track and manage payments in a dashboard customized for your business.


Aeropay uses ACH bank transfers to remain compliant, reliable, and secure payments solution ready to help.


Protecting people and payments is our top priority.

Guaranteed Payments

Payments you can rely on.


Seamless integrations to your tech stack.Technology and people work best when they work together.


Custom Subscription Solution (API)

Per month

Subscription Widget Standard

Per month

Subscription Widget Custom Branding

Per month

Simple pricing

No fees for your customers, and straightforward pricing for your business.
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