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5 Quick Tips for Boosting Holiday In-Store and Online Dispensary Sales

November 29, 2021
Rachel Ludwig

The busy holiday retail season is now underway and cannabis gifts are growing in popularity. Here are 5 quick tips for boosting your in-store and online dispensary sales.

1.   Invite customers to buy online, pick up in-store

Convenience is one of the hallmarks of a successful retail experience. That is one of the reasons why buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) options are gaining so much traction. BOPIS is also called “click and collect,” in states where compliance allows for curbside pickup. With AeroPay’s digital payments solution, dispensaries can now collect pre-payments for buy online, pick up in-store orders. This has been shown to boost sales, improve the in-store checkout experience and reduce shopping cart abandonment.


2.   Set up a “quick gifts” add-on display at the pick-up station.

49% of traditional retail shoppers who have used BOPIS say they’ve added additional items to their buy online pick up in-store order, according to eCommerce growth providers, Invesp. By creating a designated point of purchase for add-on gift items near the pickup, you can encourage a second transaction. Please note: only adult-use cannabis dispensaries can use the word “gift.” Gifting medical cannabis/marijuana is not permitted at this time.

3.   Offer cashless payment options 

Cashless and contactless transactions can speed up the checkout process in your cannabis dispensary. It has also been shown that customers paying with cashless, bank-to-bank transfers spend more per transaction. Book a demo with the AeroPay team to see how your cannabis retail store can benefit from cashless payments. 

4.   Be aware of in-store traffic flow

Did you know that most people turn right and walk counterclockwise after entering a retail store? There are different theories as to why this is the case, including our natural inclination to mimic traffic laws. By installing engaging holiday merchandising displays in a counterclockwise pattern throughout the store, you can encourage holiday gift shopping and increase overall spend.

5.   Collect pre-payments for delivery orders

Cannabis delivery services were in high-demand during the 2020 winter holidays year, as reported in Eaze’s 2020 State of Cannabis report . 2021 is on track to hit delivery all-time highs. With AeroPay, dispensaries can now collect digital pre-payments for online delivery orders, instead of collecting cash at the point of delivery. This contactless, cashless option has a multitude of benefits including increase in sales per delivery transaction and lifting the operational burden of managing cash.

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