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Questions To Ask Your Payments Provider Today

July 18, 2022
Olivia Bobrofsky

Owning and operating a business is not easy, but it’s especially difficult during a recession. In 2020’s recession, the cannabis market was able to bloom while other markets suffered but this year experts aren’t as confident

One way to stay afloat during times of economic downturn is to make sure you’re partnered with the right payment provider. Seemingly simple services that your payment provider can offer you and your customers can have a huge impact on the business’s success. The right payment provider should be more than just a sales platform, but also offer innovative services to enhance your business’s tech stack

Aeropay offers contactless secure payments for dispensaries, compliant banking solutions, online ordering capabilities and delivery options – just to name a few. But there are a few essential services that are important to both business owners and customers:


Although tipping isn’t a typical practice in other retail stores, in the cannabis industry employees cater to customers by giving their expertise on the products. Dispensary employees are a key part of creating customer loyalty, and word of mouth cannabis dispensary marketing. Keep your employees happy and motivated by offering a convenient method for customers to tip them for their help. Experts say that contactless payments have made tipping easier and allow employees to receive a larger percentage of tips. Additionally, the shift towards digital payments is resulting in larger tips from customers because they don’t have to have cash on hand. 


Average retail return rate is higher than it was pre-pandemic, and customers have come to expect a refund. Not offering a refund could deter some customers from visiting your dispensary or ordering products online. Aeropay offers a straightforward system to refund unsatisfied customers. Simply filter payments to view, adjust, void or refund any payment necessary. 


ACH payments, such as Aeropay, make payouts to customers cheaper for businesses and stress free. In fact, digital payouts are up to 60% less expensive than traditional refund methods, like checks and wires. Aeropay batches reimbursements at the end of each business day, offering full payouts the very next day. Customers notice when companies are able to offer swift and streamlined payouts, giving your dispensary a competitive edge. In an economy fueled by instant gratification, customers that get their money back quicker are often more loyal. 

Commitment to customer adoption

Creating a welcoming experience for customers can help your dispensary stand out in the saturated market, and Aeropay wants to help. Each Aeropay client gets a customized cannabis dispensary marketing kit to instruct customers how to pay and how digital cannabis payments benefit them. Additionally, Aeropay provides budtender training. Budtenders are the face of your cannabis business, and they can help convince customers who are on the fence about digital cannabis payments. 

Proven Impact

Aeropay’s current partnered dispensaries and delivery companies are reporting a minimum increase of 25% per ticket. One of the major differentiators that Aeropay offers is compliance. With strict federal laws prohibiting standard banking practices, ACH payments are finally offering dispensaries and customers the shopping experience other storefronts have. 

Contract Commitment

Don’t attach your business to a payment provider that is going to hold you hostage. If the service doesn’t benefit your dispensary you should be able to move on. Aeropay offers flexibility, every business has the ability to enter and exit the relationship at will. Agreements can be terminated at any time for any reason, with no charge. Removing Aeropay from your business operations will make the payment experience less seamless for customers, but it will not affect point of sale or eCommerce relationships. Read more about Aeropay’s teams of service here.

Beyond these basic business services, Aeropay offers additional benefits to it’s dispensaries:

Quick-to-respond customer service. There is a dedicated team at Aeropay to help your customers have a great experience.

Competitive Pricing. The cost of Aeropay is built for your dispensary’s success. 

Open Architecture integrations. Aeropay is the first fully integrated payment system and is willing to partner with any/all providers in the industry based on client needs. 

ECommerce Integrations. Companies such as Blackbird, I Heart Jane, Olla and Weave are part of the Aeropay tech stack to provide your dispensary with a multitude of services. 

Seamless POS integrations. Such as Flowhub, Weave, Sweed and Dauntless.

Doesn’t require sensitive information. Customers only have to provide the necessary details to purchase goods with Aeropay. 

Seamless payment experience. All of the dispensary’s expenses in one place. 

Pre-payment with flexible discounting upon pickup or delivery. Whether customers come visit the dispensary or order online, they’re getting the very best prices offered. 

Company values. Privacy, Compliance, Strong partnerships is what Aeropay stands for.


Olivia Bobrofsky

Senior Account Executive
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