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Should I Tip My Budtender at a Marijuana Dispensary?

September 7, 2022
Rachel Ludwig

In the U.S., tipping is a standard practice throughout the service industry. People understand that tipping is a common method for customers to show appreciation for service at places like restaurants or rideshares. However, the purchasing of legal cannabis is newer and operates between retail and service.

Tipping at dispensaries causes a bit of confusion. Customarily, tips in a retail store aren’t expected, so you might be wondering, “do you tip budtenders?” 

The truth is, budtenders offer much more guidance than what is expected of the typical retail employee. Many go above and beyond to ensure they know about the plants and the products in stock. A first-class budtender can share their expertise with shoppers to create a more educated shopping experience. If you’re short on cash for budtender tips, ask your dispensary if they accept Aeropay – a completely cash free option for making secure payments at dispensaries. Via a bank-to-bank transfer, Aeropay allows customers to pay for their entire cannabis purchase from their cell phones, and can even add a tip as long as the business has the tipping function turned on. 

Tip your delivery driver too! 

Like the budtender in the storefront, your cannabis delivery driver also provides a necessary service. By using Aeropay, not only are you able to purchase cannabis for delivery online, but you can also add a tip to your total just like you can in-store right from your computer or mobile device. Also, depending on your state’s cannabis regulations, you have the potential for completely contactless dispensary delivery. Instead of handing your delivery driver cash, you can pay for your products while including tip beforehand with Aeropay and delivery drivers can leave your package outside your door.  

How much to tip a budtender

Rarely do customers enter a dispensary without questions about the products. Budtenders are expected to be able to answer questions about how the plant was grown, how much THC is in different strains, how potent products are, etc. Even simple questions like, “what strains do you like?” requires budtenders to have more familiarity with their products than employees at other retail stores. Answers to these questions allow shoppers to have a more personalized and successful shopping trip. Budtenders can truly be the heart of the dispensary as they are there to make your experience better.

In the past, tipping at dispensaries was illegal in some states, but those laws were reformed in 2022. Now that tipping is legal, even a little goes a long way to show your appreciation. So, how much do budtenders make in tips? 

When it comes to how much to tip a budtender, the answer is a little more flexible than in other industries. Typically 5%-10% is expected. But if you spent a lot of time with your budtender talking about various plants and products, consider giving a little more to thank them for their efforts. 

Digital tipping is more convenient and safer

Not having to worry about having a certain amount of money on hand is an obvious game changer in terms of flexible spending. Also, it is actually a lot safer for you and the dispensary. Due to the cannabis industry’s reliance on cash-only transactions, there is a higher risk of nefarious activity. Cash payments are also more tedious to keep track of. With electronic marijuana payment processing options, accounting won’t suffer from human error. 

Customers should understand that a safer business also affects their wallets. When a dispensary can operate more securely and accurately, operational costs go down, which means prices of the products are also lower.

Aeropay makes tipping easy

Paying with Aeropay guarantees you’ll never be short on change to throw in the budtenders’ tip jar. Backed by a trusted financial institution, Aeropay allows you to make bank-to-bank transfers for purchases in dispensaries. Laws prohibit dispensaries accepting credit cards, but using Aeropay is just as easy – even for including tips

Paying with Aeropay is a very simple and secure experience, and completely revolutionized the payment options for cannabis. Creating a profile takes seconds, and you only have to provide a few necessary details – no social security numbers or other sensitive information is needed. Once your bank account is linked, you’ll be able to pay for cannabis purchases using a QR code in the store. From there, you can add any tip amount you’d like before confirming your payment.

E-commerce cannabis payment platforms have made purchasing and tipping easier for customers and businesses alike. Customers are given more freedom to spend without being limited to cash on hand, and contactless payments are more user-friendly after the pandemic. Businesses prefer electronic cannabis payment processing because it keeps a precise sales record, while also providing a more convenient way for budtenders to be appreciated through tips. Budtenders can analyze their tips to gain feedback on the level of service they are providing. Overall, digital tipping is a win for customers, businesses, and budtenders!


Rachel Ludwig

Digital Marketing Manager
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