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Smooth Integrations with POS Systems and eCommerce Platforms

July 6, 2022
Dan Menza

While cannabis shopping was traditionally an in-person, brick-and-mortar experience, increased smartphone adoption and pandemic-driven changes in consumer behavior have spurred new interest in cannabis eCommerce. The emergence of on-demand delivery, curbside pick-up and in-store pick-up options have incentivized dispensaries to adapt their business models to meet evolving consumer needs.

The rapid rise of eCommerce platforms is expected to be long-lasting and is already influencing the cannabis retail experience. As consumers shift from making shopping decisions in the retail environment to making decisions online, it becomes more important for dispensaries to create an online brand experience that is both similar to – and as unique as – the in-store experience. And because cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, cannabis retailers need smooth integration with eCommerce platforms that provide state-compliant, secure payments for dispensaries.

Aeropay has been focused on trying to solve this emerging cannabis omni-channel dilemma with customizable integrations. Aeropay offers an easy-to-implement SDK, custom APIs and out-of-the-box POS integration and eCommerce integrations. Aeropay’s bank-to-bank ACH payment processing is compliant with state-level regulations for cannabis payments, fee-free for customers and simplifies the payment experience for both consumers and merchants.

Aeropay’s pre-built SDK can be embedded into a website to accept payments for dispensaries while giving customers the convenience of secure, one-click payments. Our API library gives your dispensary the ability to completely customize API integrations, allowing you to incorporate your own branding. You can use this level of customization to encourage customers to engage with your eCommerce site in the same way they would interact with your brand in-store. 

Aeropay’s cannabis payments process is customized to maximize revenue and is easily integrated with numerous POS systems and eCommerce platforms. Our key integration partners bring choice, freedom and seamless integration to your tech stack. 

Comprehensive Documentation

Comprehensive documentation is among the many benefits of Aeropay’s easy-to-adopt API integrations. Our API’s comprehensive documentation allows you to grow your eCommerce store as your business scales. This feature is one of the many ways Aeropay’s platform is helping cannabis retailers build a more robust omni-channel shopping experience for consumers. We give developers the tools to create a unique, advanced payment processing experience by leveraging our comprehensive documentation and connecting clients with our experienced in-house development team. Along with in-house guidance, developers with an Aeropay login may request access to a sandbox environment that allows them to test the full customer-facing experience before going live.

Aeropay’s API hits the business goal of giving dispensaries full control over the customer experience and brand. By deeply embedding a one-click checkout, Aeropay drives retention and loyalty to your brand and store by allowing for an easy, secure checkout. Our pre-built SDK is simple to set up and offered by many of the key brands in the cannabis industry as well as our partners. Using an interface like Aeropay’s can drive new users to the business and enhance your dispensary’s competitiveness. 

Aeropay’s state-compliant cannabis payment solutions combined with our customizable integrations allow partners to use our system across multiple state markets. Our largest partner in California – arguably the world’s largest, most competitive cannabis economy – believes our API solution has increased their eCommerce success specifically because they were able to build their own integration with Aeropay. One of our partners in Rhode Island has grown their business by integrating our SDK with the WooCommerce plugin.

Smooth API Integrations

As digital platforms continue to grow in popularity for cannabis consumers, it is increasingly essential for dispensaries to choose the right integration partners and cannabis payment processors. Aeropay provides multiple options for smooth integration with leading POS and eCommerce platforms. Clients can choose from our easy-to-implement SDK and extensive API library for customized integrations, or our out-of-the-box solutions. This level of technology customization optimizes dispensary operations so staff can focus on building customer relationships and enhancing the overall brand experience.


Dan Menza

Head of Product
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