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Aeropay Features

Technology First

Built from the ground up to support applications with account-to-account bank transactions.


Using Aeropay to Pay?

Aeropay gives you the freedom to spend. Simply connect to your bank account to pay.

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Aeropay for Your Business.

Give customers the freedom to spend with bank-to-bank transfers built for your business.

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Aeropay can help you grow your business and keep customers coming back for more.

No Need for Cards
No ATM fees
No sensitive information required
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Aeropay payment dashboard

A product designed to get you paid.

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Integrated payments make it easy for customers.

Embedded API-first payment solutions that allow for one-click checkout.

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Aeropay Payment API Integration Code


What is Aeropay?

Aeropay is an alternative payments company that allows customers to pay participating businesses through a direct bank transfer.

Where can I create an account?

Click here to create an Aeropay account.

Where can I download the app?

Aeropay is so easy, you don't even need an app. Just scan our QR code in-store or create an account online.

I can't connect my bank account.

If you can't find your bank, or if you're having trouble connecting, please fill out the form on this page and a member of our Customer Care team will assist in getting your bank linked.

Can I link a credit/debit card?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Your Aeropay account will link directly to your bank.

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