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Give your
customers the freedom to spend.

Take your business to the next level with contactless, digital bank-to-bank payments.

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Has your business been affected by the cashless ATM shutdown?

You may have heard that cashless ATM's and debit card terminals at dispensaries were shut down this weekend. Aeropay uses ACH bank transfers to remain fully compliant so that you always have a reliable partner for digital payments.

We offer reliable, scalable, and fully compliant, contactless payment solutions. And we can have you up and running in 24 hours!

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Aeropay can help you grow your business and keep customers coming back for more.

No Need for Cards
No ATM fees
No sensitive information required
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The Aeropay boost.


Increase in Average Spend Per Order


Increase in Completed Online Orders


Increase in Returning Online Customers

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Financial Partner

Aeropay is the only business awarded Safe Harbor Financial's highest level of partnership for achievements in compliance and business practices.

Aeropay Payment API Integration Code

Integrated payments make it easy for customers.

Embedded API-first payment solutions that allow for one-click checkout.

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What our business
customers say

Aeropay has provided another form of cashless payments. Providing more convenience and another option to move away from cash payments.

Misha Jones
Head of Marketing
Mary Mart

Aeropay is the preferred payment method for our delivery team.

Joey Brown

I couldn’t ask for a better partner company when it comes to offering an alternative payment option.

Brian Baker
VP of Operations

We love you guys and not having fees is the game changer.

Mission Dispensary

I use Aeropay 90% of the time personally and always recommend it to customers. Our customers love it. You guys not having fees is the best.

Mission Dispensary

I love promoting Aeropay. Our out-of-state customers love you guys and it's so easy.

Mission Dispensary

What their
customers say

This is the most convenient thing ever. I use Aeropay all the time.

Sam and Danny

My girlfriend has Aeropay, she loves you guys.


It’s actually really easy to use because you can use it for online and in store.


You guys make too easy, It’s so painless.

Mission Dispensary

Easy sign up, great process.


Excellent product, thank you for what you do.


Easily track and manage payments in a dashboard customized for your business.

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Aeropay payment dashboard
Contactless in-store payment
Let them pay!

Boost sales with contactless payments.

Today's customer would prefer to make a secure, contactless bank transfer from their mobile device. Sign them up once and
customers can pay for a lifetime.

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Seeing is believing.

We’re happy to show you our full payments solution and put the best bank-to-bank transfers to work for your business.

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How to pay with Aeropay

Buy Online, Pickup In-Store
Cashless Delivery

Is your business ready for payments?

Give customers the freedom to spend with contactless, digital bank-to-bank transfers built for your business.

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