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Nonprofits Continue Their Mission While Reducing Costs for Accepting Donations

May 20, 2020
AeroPay Team

Some of the best examples of goodwill that exist are cause-driven 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Thanks to these organizations, resources are supplied to underserved communities and attention is given to worthy issues.

One such organization, Bridge Disability Ministries, embodies those traits and more. Founded as a faith-based organization dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities, Bridge has supported the Seattle-area community since 1987. Realizing how many people needed durable medical equipment, Rev. Henk Wapstra started helping people obtain this equipment. This mission continues today.

Even with a noble cause and steady progress in serving a growing community, non-profits such as Bridge struggle with the rising cost of accepting money to fund their organization. Given this, many non-profits have turned to AeroPay to provide an alternative method for people to make donations.

As with AeroPay’s entire suite of products, for both in-person and online payments, donations made through AeroPay’s platform are processed cheaper and faster. This greatly reduces the cost for non-profits when accepting donations to fund their projects and gets the money into their bank account quicker. These costs can otherwise amount to thousands or more annually for organizations like Bridge.

With the savings, Bridge can focus the money on services which allow people to safely navigate their homes, provide human connection to those facing loneliness and isolation, and provide indispensable assistance to developmentally disabled adults.

If you’re a non-profit that could benefit from reduced processing costs for accepting donations, you can click here to learn more about AeroPay for Nonprofits.

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