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Payments in the Time of Coronavirus/Covid-19

March 19, 2020
Daniel Muller

Strange and unprecedented times are upon us. Businesses and schools are closing, restaurants have transitioned to carryout and delivery-only, and millions are working from home for the first time in their careers. Many aspects of our daily lives have been upended by this crisis and many of our former norms will undoubtedly be reconsidered when we return to whatever semblance of normalcy awaits.

The typical cash or card payment process is one such norm we must reconsider. Cash and coins touch countless hands before you receive them. A 2017 study based in New York City found microorganisms living on the surface of cash, ranging from flu-like viruses to bacteria. For this reason, South Korea has been taking cash out of circulation to stem the spread of the virus.

According to a March 2020 article, credit card transactions “are not necessarily any more sanitary [than cash].” Card payment terminals are tapped, swiped, and signed with the attached stylus by many people each day. Factoring in potential risks of theft for both cash and cards, plus the fees credit card companies charge merchants for every single transaction, the time has never been better to adopt contactless payments.

AeroPay is a touch-less, low-fee payment processing solution for businesses that uses seamless bank-to-bank payments. With AeroPay, the customer simply taps twice within the app to pay for their purchase. In doing so, both parties enjoy the peace of mind that comes with significantly reduced potential for theft and germ transmission to which card and cash payments are especially susceptible.

As the world adjusts to a new reality, AeroPay offers a clean, easy, and efficient payment solution for both the business and their customers while giving everyone the physical, technical, and economic peace of mind they are seeking.

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Daniel Muller

Founder & CEO
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