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Ivy Hall uses Aeropay for in-store and integrated online payments.

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Ivy Hall selected Aeropay as their digital payment provider

VIP Experience

Ivy Hall Dispensary stands as Illinois' first "sensory dispensary," a pioneering establishment dedicated to enhancing the community's connection with cannabis. 

At Ivy Hall, the focus isn't just on 'feeling it,' but on delivering an all-encompassing experience of feeling good. This unique dispensary aims to engage all of the senses, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that goes far beyond mere consumption.

When it comes to the burgeoning cannabis industry, the importance of seamless payment integration on the overall customer experience simply cannot be overstated. The sector faces all sorts of unique challenges, especially when it comes to bridging the gap between in-store experiences and those on digital platforms. 

For businesses like Ivy Hall, achieving a delicate blending of their physical and online shopping experiences is essential to their success. This integration is key to enhancing customer convenience, maintaining regulatory compliance, and ensuring a consistent and high-quality VIP experience across all of their touchpoints.

Background of Ivy Hall Dispensary

Ivy Hall Dispensary has established itself as a pioneering presence in the Illinois cannabis market, setting a precedent as the state's first sensory dispensary. 

This type of innovative approach has positioned Ivy Hall as far more than just another dispensary; they’re positioned as a holistic experience provider in the saturated cannabis industry where standing out from the competition is harder than ever. 

Their journey in the market is characterized by a deep commitment to customer experience, inclusivity, and a sensory-rich environment that caters to both newcomers and seasoned cannabis users.

A key challenge in the cannabis industry is the integration of in-store and online strategies and services, a hurdle that Ivy Hall has navigated with notable success. 

Their response to this challenge involved a strategic collaboration with Sweed, a leading cannabis point of sale (POS) solution, which helped to further enhance their outreach and impact. This collaboration was instrumental in expanding Ivy Hall's market presence and enhancing their overall customer engagement.

Another significant industry challenge is the integration of a seamless and compliant payment system, which is exactly why Ivy Hall decided to partner with Aeropay, a leading payment processor in the cannabis industry. Aeropay's robust payment processing technology offers seamless integration capabilities that enable Ivy Hall to provide a unified payment experience both in-store and online.


The Ivy Hall team finds Aeropay to always be reliable.

Aeropay has provided us with the chance to offer shoppers a versatile and secure payment solution. Additionally, we've teamed up to introduce exciting store perks for both customers and staff.

Dominique Moses White
Director of People and Operations, Ivy Hall

In-Store Experience at Ivy Hall

Ivy Hall's in-store experience epitomizes a blend of welcoming ambiance and technological sophistication that works to redefine the customer experience and what it means to be a dispensary in the modern age. 

Upon entering, customers are greeted by a modern, inviting atmosphere that reflects Ivy Hall's commitment to enhancing the sensory experience of cannabis shopping. The store has been carefully designed to make customers feel at ease, with a layout that encourages exploration and discovery throughout.

The integration of technology is a standout feature of Ivy Hall's physical stores; full-service kiosks are strategically placed throughout the dispensary, allowing customers to browse an extensive assortment of products on demand.

A critical aspect of Ivy Hall's in-store experience is the integration of Aeropay for payments, which streamlines the payment process, making it more efficient and seamless for customers. It lets them offer their customers a secure and compliant payment method while enhancing the overall shopping experience. 

Customers get to enjoy the convenience of a unified payment system, which aligns perfectly with the modern, tech-forward ethos of the dispensary.

The emphasis at Ivy Hall is on a modern and efficient shopping experience—every aspect, from the store layout to the payment methods, is designed to provide a smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free visit for all of their customers.

Standout Features

Reliability, user friendliness, price to enroll, guaranteed payments

Online Platform Integration

Ivy Hall's commitment to seamless integration extends beyond its physical stores to its user-friendly online platform. 

The online platform has been meticulously designed to provide an intuitive and engaging shopping experience for all of their customers. It mirrors the inviting and welcoming atmosphere of the physical store, ensuring that users feel equally at ease when browsing and purchasing products online.

Several features distinguish Ivy Hall's online experience. First, the platform offers a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate catalog of cannabis products complete with detailed descriptions and high-quality imagery, which lets customers make informed decisions about their purchases. The platform’s also optimized for mobile devices to ensure a smooth and seamless shopping experience regardless of the device they’re shopping on.

A critical component of Ivy Hall's online platform is the integration of Aeropay, which facilitates secure and convenient online transactions for customers. Aeropay's digital payment solution isn’t just user-friendly, it also addresses the unique payment challenges within the cannabis market, ensuring that customers can complete their purchases with ease and confidence along with providing a superior VIP experience.

The Aeropay Approach

Helping You Win

Customers say it's easy to use
Employees love how it's integrated with Sweed
Aeropay will be an option across all Ivy Hall stores and their app

Partnership with Sweed

The partnership between Ivy Hall and Sweed has been a significant factor in Ivy Hall’s success, marking a strategic collaboration in the cannabis retail industry. 

Sweed, renowned for its comprehensive cannabis retail solution, plays an important role in enhancing Ivy Hall's operational capabilities. Their solution offers an extensive range of functionality, including an efficient POS system, sophisticated analytics, and even tools for marketing and inventory management. 

These features are accessible through a progressive web app, emphasizing ease of use and integration without the necessity for additional hardware. This integration is key to creating a seamless operational flow that significantly improves both staff efficiency and customer experience.

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is the integration of seamless payments with Aeropay to further enhance the customer experience. It exemplifies the synergy between Sweed's comprehensive retail solution and Ivy Hall's commitment to providing a seamless and modern customer experience.

​​Seamless Integration: In-Store and Online Synergy

At the core of Ivy Hall's operational philosophy is the commitment to ensuring a consistent brand experience across all channels. 

This proves to be fundamental in maintaining the integrity of the brand, whether customers engage with it in-store, online, or through a combination of both. The goal is to provide a unified, seamless experience that resonates with their values and customer service standards.

Aeropay plays a vital role in facilitating this seamless transition between online and in-store experiences. For example, a customer who begins their journey on Ivy Hall's user-friendly online platform can easily select their products through Sweed and then swiftly complete the transaction using Aeropay. 

When they visit the store to pick up their order, the payment process has already been taken care of, allowing for a swift and hassle-free pickup. This streamlined purchasing process exemplifies the powerful synergy between online and in-store experiences while actively removing any potential friction points for the customer.

Ivy Hall doesn’t just leverage technology as a mere tool for transactions, but as an integral part of creating a more cohesive customer experience all-around.

The opening of Ivy Hall's Logan Square location marks a significant expansion of their innovative approach to cannabis retail in The Windy City. Check it out and use Aeropay!

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