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Enhancing Cannabis Delivery Services with Aeropay

Priscotty uses Aeropay for delivery payment services.

Revolutionizing cannabis payments with an embedded delivery solution.

Revolutionizing cannabis payments with an embedded delivery solution.

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Cannabis Industry


A surge in delivery and eCommerce purchases


Aeropay offers compliant delivery and online payments


Priscotty selected Aeropay to streamline operations and increase AOV.

The Decision to Partner with Aeropay

With the rise of digital commerce, the cannabis industry experienced a surge in delivery and E-commerce purchases. As a result, consumers increasingly demanded quick, safe, and hassle-free payment methods for their purchases. Priscotty, always attentive to market needs, realized that their traditional payment methods were no longer sufficient to meet the evolving demands. 

The company recognized that a cashless solution would make transactions more convenient for consumers and align with the broader trend toward digitalization across the retail industry.

Evaluating Potential Solutions

Priscotty initiated a comprehensive analysis to identify the best payment solution that could address the needs of their unique market. They carefully evaluated various platforms, considering factors like cost, functionality, security, scalability, and support. 

Priscotty's leadership knew that the selected partner must offer a system to handle the unique legal and regulatory considerations specific to the cannabis industry.

Easy Onboarding

The onboarding process is hassle-free.

Aeropay's standout features, which make it the preferred solution over others, are customer service, UX, UI, integrations with partners and tech stack.

Scott Prisco
Chief Executive Officer, Priscotty

Aeropay as the Preferred Solution

After a rigorous evaluation process, Priscotty selected Aeropay as the optimal partner. Aeropay's standout features like unparalleled customer service, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), seamless integrations with partners, and a robust tech stack set them apart from competitors. 

Aeropay's commitment to security and their experience in handling complex transactions made them the preferred choice. Additionally, Aeropay’s proven track record with similar integrations gave Priscotty the confidence that they had found a reliable and future-proof solution.

The partnership agreement was carefully tailored to suit both parties. It included provisions for continuous support, regular updates, and a commitment to adapt to changing legal and market conditions. The collaboration was structured to ensure that both Priscotty and Aeropay would benefit from mutual growth and innovation, further cementing the decision to join forces.

The decision to partner with Aeropay was not merely a response to the market trends but a strategic move to position Priscotty at the forefront of the cannabis industry. The partnership reflected Priscotty's commitment to leveraging technology to provide superior service to its customers while also maintaining a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

What customers think

Very easy to use, convenient, and user-friendly

Onboarding and Implementation Experience

Priscotty's onboarding experience with Aeropay began with a comprehensive and collaborative planning stage that considered Priscotty's unique business model and regulatory landscape. Aeropay's dedicated support, seamless APIs, and industry-standard practices easily facilitated the entire technical integration phase. 

Aeropay also provided extensive training sessions, user-friendly guides, and continuous feedback loops during user testing to ensure both technical and customer-facing staff were well-equipped to use the system. The smooth transition to the live environment, monitored closely by Aeropay's support team, was a testament to the successful partnership between the two companies.

The onboarding process also included extensive user testing and a feedback loop for adjustments, guaranteeing the system's fine-tuning to perfection. Aeropay continued providing ongoing support post-implementation, ensuring adaptability to any future changes in the industry or technological landscape. 

This collaborative and cooperative approach made the onboarding experience hassle-free and efficient, allowing Priscotty to integrate Aeropay's solution into their existing operations swiftly.

The Aeropay Approach

Helping You Win

A positive Impact on Revenue and Experience
Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency
Streamlined Operations and Empowered Employees

Impact on Revenue and Profit

Integrating Aeropay into Priscotty's operations led to several immediate positive impacts on revenue and profit. 

The increase in Average Order Value (AOV) was one of the most pronounced benefits. Customers were more inclined to make larger purchases due to the convenience and security of Aeropay's cashless transactions. This upsurge in AOV translated into a noticeable increase in overall revenue for Priscotty, helping the company reach new financial milestones.

Driver safety was another crucial area where Aeropay made a significant difference. Drivers were less exposed to potential risks by eliminating the need to handle cash, resulting in fewer incidents and liabilities—which in turn led to greater driver satisfaction and reduced operational costs, further impacting Priscotty's profitability positively.

Aeropay's streamlined operations also increased transparency in overall transactions and reporting. The system's ability to automatically track and reconcile transactions helped Priscotty’s management make more informed and timely decisions, which led to more efficient operations and reduced administrative overhead, ultimately contributing to greater profitability.

The combination of higher revenue from increased AOV, enhanced driver safety, and operational efficiency created a compound effect on Priscotty's bottom line. Aeropay's solutions provided a modern and innovative approach that helped Priscotty adapt to the growing market demands while ensuring sustainable growth. 

The integration represents not only a technological advancement, but a strategic alignment with contemporary market trends, solidifying Priscotty's position in the competitive cannabis delivery industry.

Plans for Future Expansion

Priscotty's successful integration of Aeropay's cashless payment system has fueled their ambition for further growth and innovation. The overall positive impacts on revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction have spurred plans to extend the use of Aeropay to other markets. 

Priscotty is exploring opportunities to tap into new geographic regions where a cashless payment solution would align with consumer preferences and regulatory environments. The aim is to replicate the success achieved in their current region, leveraging Aeropay's scalable infrastructure to provide seamless experiences across diverse markets.

In addition to their geographic expansion, Priscotty is keen on exploring Aeropay's array of B2B services. The company recognizes that the efficiencies and innovations that Aeropay brought to their B2C operations can also be applied to the B2B side of their business. 

Integrating Aeropay into their B2B transactions with suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders, helps Priscotty streamline their processes and further enhance relationships within their supply chain. This exploration into B2B applications is seen as a natural progression in the partnership, allowing Priscotty to capitalize on Aeropay's full suite of capabilities.

These plans for future expansion demonstrate Priscotty's commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability in a dynamic industry. The partnership with Aeropay has provided immediate benefits and opened new pathways for growth and diversification. 

In leveraging Aeropay's robust technology and platform, Priscotty is positioning itself for continued success moving forward, shaping the future of cannabis delivery through technological innovation and strategic alignment with ever-evolving market demands.

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