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Streamlining Customer Interactions With an Embedded API Experience

The Flowery uses Aeropay's API experience for a one-click checkout.

Revolutionizing cannabis payments with an embedded API-first solution.

Revolutionizing cannabis payments with an embedded API-first solution.

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Cannabis Industry


Lack of customization and integration possibilities


Aeropay offers embedded API-first payment solutions


Aeropay prioritizes customers, crafting thoughtful API documentation and seamless integrations.

About The Flowery and The Challenges

Digital payments are crucial for modern businesses, especially in rapidly growing industries like cannabis. However, many available solutions lack customization and embedded API options, limiting user experience and strategic development. Without seamless integration, businesses face restrictions in tweaking checkout processes and developers are hindered. One-size-fits-all approaches hinder customization and efficiency. Customizable payment solutions enhance customer satisfaction and enable effective strategies.

Leveraging Aeropay’s Embedded API Experience

Aeropay offers a powerful embedded API-first payment solution, streamlining checkout to a one-click process. Customization is key, tailoring the payment experience to match brand identity. The solution can be seamlessly embedded into websites, enhancing user experience and brand consistency. Security is ensured with API credentials tied to specific merchants. The solution is adaptable, scalable, and supported by extensive after-sales assistance, optimizing the payment experience for clients.


Embedded API-first payment solution enhances user experience

Aeropay's standout features, which make it the preferred solution over others, are the white label experience, customer service, tech stack, and price.

Matti Marshak
Chief Technology Officer, The Flowery

How Aeropay Improves Client Integrations

Beyond providing a superior API-first payment solution, Aeropay has adopted a customer-first approach while crafting its API documentation. The belief driving this strategy is that API endpoints should mirror the thoughtfulness and utility of user interfaces, with research, design, and customer experience at the forefront.

The company is dedicated to thoroughly understanding the components they are integrating, ensuring it makes strategic and functional sense. They leverage this understanding to design a platform that supports an omnichannel retailer payments experience, avoiding potential future complications arising from mismatched integrations.

A distinguishing characteristic of Aeropay is their commitment to addressing problems within the product. The company has created an environment where the challenges faced by individual customers are seen as opportunities to improve the product. 

By understanding the customer's specific problem, they can devise custom integration solutions that not only address the immediate issue but also add product features that potentially benefit all clients.

Customer-First API

Enhancing Integration and Addressing Challenges

The Industry Impact of Aeropay & Their Long-Term Vision

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the repercussions of Aeropay's solutions extend well beyond individual clients and permeate the industry as a whole. As the cannabis industry grows at an unprecedented pace, the importance of seamless system integration becomes increasingly pronounced.

In terms of industry impact, their innovative API has effectively reshaped the payment landscape by addressing a previously unmet need—their customizable, embedded API-first payment solution streamlines transactions and enhances the end-user experience. 

This disruption prompts a shift in industry standards, setting a new benchmark for digital payment solutions. These innovative solutions make competitors reevaluate their strategies and force the industry to move towards more customer-focused and integrated solutions.

Additionally, their innovative approach to addressing individual customer problems paves the way for similar initiatives in the industry. The company has transformed what might initially seem like isolated customer issues into opportunities for broad-based improvement. This approach has a ripple effect across the industry, encouraging other companies to adopt a similar problem-solving mindset, ultimately leading to more comprehensive and user-friendly solutions for all clients.

In the context of long-term vision, Aeropay is dedicated to ensuring their solutions become integral to the client's tech stack. The company envisions its API-first payment solutions to be seamlessly integrated into the client's digital platform, forming a cohesive ecommerce ecosystem that’s efficient, secure, and user-friendly.

Their vision also includes broadening the scope of their solutions to serve an omnichannel retailer payments experience. They aim to develop a platform that streamlines payment transactions across multiple channels and presents businesses with valuable insights to improve their strategies and enhance their overall customer satisfaction.

The Aeropay Approach

Helping You Win

Customer-first approach
Cashless transactions increase revenue
Onboarding and implementation is "10/10"!

Improve Your Customer Payment Experience Today

Aeropay has emerged as a trailblazer, setting the gold standard for e-commerce integration by offering robust embedded API options with an easy-to-implement SDK. In an era where digital transactions are rapidly becoming increasingly pivotal, their commitment to meeting their client's needs and providing seamless integration has proven to be a transformational game-changer. 

It exemplifies the importance of customer-focused innovation and how understanding and addressing specific problems can lead to overall product and service improvement. This case study stands as a testament to Aeropay’s ongoing journey of redefining digital payments through customer-focused and innovative solutions. 

If you’re curious to see how their comprehensive payment processing solutions can benefit your own organization, reach out to arrange a demo of Aeropay today.

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Aeropay sets the gold standard for an API integration.

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