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Helping Zyp Run Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Zyp Run’s most successful promotion drove customer loyalty.

Aeropay keeps customers coming back.

Aeropay keeps customers coming back.

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Cannabis Delivery


Customer adoption and acquisition rate.


Incentivized promotion collaboration with Aeropay.


Customers and drivers love the ease of Aeropay and continue to use it.

About Zyp Run and The Challenges

Today, businesses must adapt to the rapidly evolving digital world to stay competitive. Transactions are no longer just about exchanging money; they're about delivering a convenient, secure, and seamless customer experience. To address these demands, integrating an Application Programming Interface (API) is crucial. Let's explore how Aeropay disrupted cannabis payment processing by providing an innovative API experience and streamlined checkout process.

Zyp Run cofounders Elis Omoroghamwan and Gabriel Vieira

The Challenges With Current Payment Solutions

Digital payments are essential for modern businesses, especially in rapidly growing sectors like cannabis. However, many existing digital payment solutions lack customization and integration possibilities.  traditional iFrame-based solutions fail to provide embedded API options. This limits customization, user experience, and strategic development for businesses.


More customization creates a better fit.

I believe the convenience of Aeropay for us and for the customer is a big win in the overall delivery experience.

Doug Wigginton
Principal Web Developer, Zyp Run

Aeropay’s Embedded API Experience

Aeropay, recognized as the premier payments provider, developed a powerful embedded API-first payment solution. Their solution streamlines the checkout process, reducing it to a one-click operation. They emphasize customization, relying on a comprehensive library and skilled development team to meet individual clients' needs. Businesses can tailor the API to offer a unique payment experience aligned with their brand.

Aeropay ensures seamless integration by allowing clients to embed the product directly into their website. This enhances the end-user experience and provides flexibility for businesses to personalize the checkout process. The platform issues API credentials tied to specific merchants for robust security. Moreover, their API-first solution is scalable and adaptable to accommodate evolving business needs.

Convenience is Key

Aeropay's convenience is a big win for Zyp Run and its customers' delivery experience.

How Aeropay Improves Client Integrations

Aeropay takes a customer-first approach in crafting API documentation. They prioritize research, design, and customer experience to ensure API endpoints mirror user interfaces. By thoroughly understanding integrated components, they design a platform that supports an omnichannel retailer payments experience, avoiding future integration complications.

Aeropay transforms customer challenges into opportunities for improvement. They devise custom integration solutions that address immediate issues while adding features beneficial to all clients. Their solutions disrupt industry standards and push competitors to reevaluate strategies, driving more customer-focused and integrated solutions.

The Aeropay Approach

Helping You Win

Superior API-first solution
Customer first approach
Dedicated to understanding your needs and workflow

The Industry Impact of Aeropay & Their Long-Term Vision

Aeropay's solutions have a broad industry impact beyond individual clients. They reshape the payment landscape by providing customizable, embedded API-first solutions that streamline transactions and enhance the end-user experience. This sets a new benchmark for digital payment solutions and encourages industry-wide adoption of problem-solving mindsets.

Aeropay envisions its solutions seamlessly integrated into client's tech stacks, forming an efficient, secure, and user-friendly ecommerce ecosystem. They aim to expand their solutions to serve an omnichannel retailer payments experience, providing valuable insights for improved strategies and customer satisfaction.

Improve Your Customer Payment Experience Today

Aeropay is a trailblazer in e-commerce integration, offering robust embedded API options and an easy-to-implement SDK. In a world where digital transactions are pivotal, their commitment to meeting client needs and seamless integration is a game-changer. This case study showcases customer-focused innovation and the power of addressing specific problems to drive overall improvement.

Trail blazer

Aeropay sets the gold standard for e-commerce integration.

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