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Nuvei (Mazooma)

Aerosync is leading the way for digital payments.

Aeropay has several advantages over Nuvei (Mazooma). What is Mazooma? While Mazooma online banking offers a payment solution, Aeropay provides a more streamlined and efficient payment experience. With Aeropay, there's no need to worry about Nuvei login issues. Unlike Mazooma inc, Aeropay does not charge additional fees for ACH returns, ensuring a cost-effective solution for businesses. Discover the convenience and reliability of Aeropay today, and streamline your payment processing without the hassle of Mazooma payments.

Seeing is believing.

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Customer Care

We provide comprehensive end-to-end support, emphasizing commitment through 24/7, 365-day live agent assistance.

Return Coverage

Our return coverage is tailored to meet customer needs.

Bank Aggregator

Enhanced user experience and customizable features through direct bank connections via Aerosync.

Fraud Prevention

Our in-house risk and return ML model, our dedicated risk and payment operations team partner directly with merchants to resolve issues and prevent fraud.


Trusted by hundreds of innovative businesses.

Grow with Aerosync

Aerosync can help you grow your business and keep customers coming back for more.

No Need for Cards
No ATM fees
No sensitive information required

The Aerosync boost


Increase in Average Spend Per Order


Increase in Completed Online Orders


Increase in Returning Online Customers


Seeing is believing.

We’re happy to show you our full payments solution and put the best bank-to-bank transfers to work for your business.

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In-store payments

Accept contactless payments at point-of-sale. Customers simply scan a QR code, link to their bank and pay.

Sign them up once and customers can pay for a lifetime.

Online payments

Accept online pre-payments for delivery, buy online pick up in-store and eCommerce orders. At checkout, customers choose Aeropay to simply link to their bank and pay.

Optimized for repeat use – keep customers coming back for more.

Fast, next-day pay outs.

Next day payouts

Aeropay for Your Business

Give customers the freedom to spend with bank-to-bank transfers built for your business.

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Using Aeropay to Pay for your Order?

Aeropay gives you the freedom to spend. Simply connect to your bank account to pay.

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