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Revolutionizing California’s Cannabis Delivery Industry

Honor Roll Delivery uses Aeropay for delivery payment services.

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The Aeropay Advantage


Honor Roll Delivery

Empowering California's Cannabis Market

As California's recreational and medicinal cannabis markets continue to grow, with annual sales projections reaching $5 billion, one persistent challenge remains prominent: payment processing.

The state's delivery rules have recently evolved, allowing authorized vehicles to transport more products with fewer restrictions since the beginning of 2023. This industry expansion underscores the vital need for a secure, convenient, and efficient payment solution. 

Enter Aeropay, an innovative payment platform that dramatically simplifies transactions in the cannabis sector. This article aims to illuminate how Aeropay resolves the complexities associated with cannabis delivery payments in California and its impact on the industry overall.

The Problem: Security and Convenience in Cannabis Payments

The cannabis delivery sector in California has traditionally faced several impediments, with payment processing being one of the most significant. 

The industry's heavy reliance on cash transactions due to the nature of federal laws and regulations makes businesses, their customers, and employees potential targets for theft and robberies. For instance, the dangers extend beyond dispensaries to include transporters who move large amounts of cash for deposit, sometimes leading to security incidents even with precautions like unmarked or armored vehicles in place.

Additionally, the very nature of delivery services, where transactions happen outside the safe confines of a business, further heightens the risk for both delivery personnel and customers. Furthermore, customers needing to withdraw cash for their purchases complicates the buying process. 

Not only are ATM fees a nuisance, but the additional trips also add unnecessary time and effort for the customer. However, while credit cards could theoretically mitigate these problems, they are largely illegal to use for cannabis transactions due to federal restrictions that are currently in place.

Easy To Use

The Honor Roll team finds Aeropay easy to understand.

"Aeropay boosts revenue by offering cashless options, enabling customers to place larger orders even when low on cash or without any cash on hand."

Jared Kikuchi
Finance Manager, Honor Roll Delivery

The Solution: The Aeropay Advantage

In the face of these complex challenges, Aeropay has emerged as a groundbreaking payment platform tailored for the cannabis industry. 

Aeropay offers a digital, cashless payment solution that links directly to the customer's bank account, making transactions safer and more convenient. Unlike the traditional cash and ATM-dependent system,  it enables customers to pay ahead of time when placing orders online, negating the need for cash exchange during delivery. 

This reduces the security risks inherent in physical transactions. Moreover, research shows that customers tend to spend more money when using other payment methods over cash, thereby driving up the average order value.

Aeropay is not just a payment solution; it's a tool for building deep customer loyalty. According to internal data, 75% of customers return to the same dispensary for their next purchase. This shows that customers appreciate the convenience and security of Aeropay, leading to increased repeat business for dispensaries. For further added value, the platform is not only free for customers, but it also keeps pace with evolving market trends.

Standout Features

Consistent and guaranteed next business day payouts, very reliable and compliant.

Customer-Centric Features

Aeropay distinguishes itself through its robust suite of customer-centric features designed to enhance the purchasing experience and build positive relationships between businesses and customers. 

The most notable of these is the platform's built-in tipping feature, which allows customers to appreciate their delivery personnel's service through gratuities. This feature is entirely at the businesses' discretion, allowing them to enable or disable it based on their operational strategies or customer feedback.

This tipping feature is not merely a gratuity system, but a mechanism fostering a positive feedback loop. Allowing customers to express their appreciation for delivery personnel instills a sense of satisfaction and validation in the drivers, helping with retention. Simultaneously, this gesture of recognition also nurtures goodwill among customers, who appreciate the opportunity to express their gratitude directly. 

The overall impact of this seemingly simple feature is a more positive buying experience and a more rewarding working environment, which ultimately translates into a stronger relationship between the businesses and their clientele.

The Aeropay Approach

Helping You Win

Aeropay Partnership Decision: Driven by Cannabis Industry Trends
Key Features of Aeropay: Next-Day Payouts and Reliability
User Experience with Aeropay: Smooth Onboarding and Positive Feedback

The Market Response

The market response to Aeropay's payment solution has been particularly positive among digital-native customers, especially millennials. 

Known for their affinity for online shopping and digital transactions, millennials alone do a significant 60% of their shopping online today. They appreciate the convenience, speed, and simplicity that the platform offers. By eliminating the need to visit an ATM or handle cash, Aeropay streamlines the purchasing process, aligning perfectly with the millennial preference for hassle-free, swift transactions.

Moreover, the integration with popular eCommerce platforms, such as I Heart Jane, has been particularly well-received. The one-click checkout experience these integrations enable is a game-changer, making online purchases of cannabis products as straightforward as buying anything else today. 

This resonates with not only millennials, but any other demographic that appreciates simple convenience and enhanced efficiency. The seamless online payment for delivery and pickup orders effectively removes additional hurdles in the purchasing process, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Overall Security Enhancements

One of the most significant facets of Aeropay’s platform is the advanced security enhancements it brings to cannabis transactions in California. 

The core of this innovative solution is its Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments system, an advanced technology that facilitates the direct transfer of funds from one bank account to another. This system allows Aeropay to eliminate several security risks associated with traditional cannabis transactions, making it a leading platform for transactional security in the cannabis sector.

The ACH payment system removes the need for physical cash exchanges, inherently reducing the risk of theft or loss. It adds a layer of safety to transactions by ensuring that the money moves directly and electronically between the buyer's and seller's bank accounts. This is particularly beneficial for cannabis delivery services, as reducing cash on hand diminishes the chances of theft or robbery during the delivery process.

By eliminating the need for cash handling, Aeropay also removes the necessity to transport large sums of money for deposit purposes. As mentioned, cash transportation is a high-risk process that exposes businesses, their employees, and even customers to potential dangers.

Trail blazer

Aeropay sets the gold standard for cannabis delivery payments.

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